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“Grab a buddy and head over to the Goodfriend Beer Garden for Hopocalypse, where Deep Ellum Brewing Company will be debuting a brew — Darkest Hour, appropriately named for your last day on Earth. Darkest Hour is a rye imperial stout weighing in at 11% ABV, so be sure not to have too many before Fish Fry Bingo hits the stage at 10 p.m.”

“This self-proclaimed hill-hop group of rough-looking banjo bangers actually made a great showing at a Deep Ellum Brewing Saturday tour a couple of weeks prior to the best beer festival this town has seen. But it was on a tiny stage at the end of the Automotive Building in Fair Park where their crazy bluegrass actually made people get out of line for the country's best porters, blondes and IPAs.”

“With songs that imitate a bald eagle (you read that correctly) to a song called “Drinkin’ Beer” (about drinking), these men are seriously fun.”

“After that, Fish Fry Bingo hit us with their bizarre hillbilly jug-band hip-hop. Just when you think these guys couldn’t get any weirder, they did a song “quoting” a bald eagle. Spoiler alert – the quote consists of SCREEEEE, while making a talon hand sign. If you get it, you can’t help but love these guys. Almost as entertaining is watching the people in the audience who didn’t get it stare at the stage in disbelief.”

“In case you think all I do is drink beer, I took this image. I was drinking beer and listening to one of my friends sing in the band Fish Fry Bingo. Dallas has a new brewery so our cycling group HAD to go check them out. What better time could we pick but a warm, sunny Saturday with FFB playing in the bier garden. ”

“Friday 2 March 2012: baldeagle nights across the street at Fred's often end up as a backblip as they usually result in us coming back and taking whiskey tugs straight from the bottle. great night watching Tony and his bald eagled banjo do their part in Fish Fry Bingo. amazing turnout, not just of my friends but for the venue in general. time for some hangover breakfast. by the way, someone is 365 tomorrow... ”

“FISH FRY BINGO Fun fun and did I say fun! Fish Fry Bingo may not be as stone cold as the young man from the movie Deliverance sitting on the swing in Antree "who be picking the banjo" but with out a doubt the best hill hop in the great state of TexArKasnas.. ...banjos, dog house bass, electric washboards, rattles, boots, pots & pans, jugs, kazoos, spoons, mandolins, train whistles, guitars... Fish Fry Bingo is a raucous 5 piece hill-hop jug band from Texas. They have played hundreds of shows in the last couple of years, and they're planing a central United States tour for the near future. If you get the chance to see them live... do it! You won't be disappointed. Their music is loose and fun and their stage antics are too. Here are some friends of mine I would like for you to meet Dan,Doc Mat, Blacky, and Chongo. They are the hillbillies that make up Fish Fry Bingo. ”

"...I enjoyed it thoroughly. The stage banter was entertaining, and the bizarre blend of real folk and hip-hop works..."

“...to the sounds of Fish Fry Bingo. They are a versatile bluegrass band, playing everything from rock standards with a country vibe, to their own genre of music they call Hill-Hop.... hip-hop for hillbillies. ”

“Get ready to see a stage full of jugs, washboards, pots, pans and traditional country instruments, because Fish Fry Bingo's bringing a hillbilly hoedown of Appalachian proportions. Gorgeous harmonies and quick-picking banjo skip along foot stompin' rhythms in Fish Fry Bingo's swingin' country bluegrass party. ”

“Fish Fry Bingo relies on an unconventional assortment of instruments to convey an old bluegrass feel to their music...”

“One of the most fun live acts around, Fish Fry Bingo twangs, plucks, and strums toe-tappers hewing to old-timey country tradition but full of modern joy and pain.”

“Nobody throws a backwoods hootenanny like Fish Fry Bingo, whose live shows are full of foot-stomping, washtub-thumping, occasionally kazoo-blowing redneck ecstasy.”

“The main event at Avoca was watching Fish Fry Bingo play. I wasn't the only one who was getting into it.”

“...they were so much fun! I was smiling and laughing the whole time. Just some good old fun!”

“These folks will make your toes start to tinglin’ and a’tappin’. Your body will start moving along with your toes and, the next thing you, know you’ll be dancing with bluegrass joy.”

“It’s no secret by now that we think Fish Fry Bingo is one of the best things that could have happened to hillbilly bluegrass music in this century.”

“As you can see, there is plenty of good music at all venues, but the standout gig, to us anyway, is the Crystal Creek Boys with Fish Fry Bingo at the Gray Horse tonight. Well, it is if you want to have a foot-stompin’, singin’, dancin’ regular old hoe-down of a time.”

“...good old, foot-stompin’ punky, plucky bluegrass. The always-delightful Fish Fry Bingo will delight you with homespun harmonies and carefree spirit. The band is a joy.”

“Fish Fry Bingo is a study in what you can appropriate to make good new-fashioned Hillbilly Bluegrass. They use washboards, pots and pans, harmonicas, train whistles, rattles and the occasional stomp of a boot as deftly as they play fiddle and guitar. They are a delight to eye and ear!”

“If your grandpa ever played bluegrass radio in the early morning before heading out to the fields, you will recognize Fish Fry Bingo as the current incarnation of of everything good about bluegrass-hillbilly music. They are a delight.”

“A cold beer and greasy fried chicken”

"Heavy Backwoods With An Attitude"

“Fish Fry Bingo is definitely the best experimental bluegrass band to come out of Garland”

" Fish Fry Bingo brings a fresh sound to a timeless genre of music. They got the Bluegrass in their blood. I picture them hangin' out in the backwoods of Kentucky, with a jug of moonshine. When's the next show???"