Firewerks / Press

“We were able to get our hands on a pre-release hard copy of the EP, and without saying too much, it will, without a doubt have you jamming out and dancing yourself tired. You're are going to want to pick up a copy when you can.”

“Firewerks is back again, with his newest creation; Woo Town Bounce. Probably once of (if not his best) production to date. This guy keeps growing, and maturing as a producer/artist with every track, and this one exemplifies that well.”

“Our friend Firewerks is once again getting a spot on the blog, with his newest EP Drumline... it puts starts a fire in my mind when I listen to it. (Yes.. the GOOD type of fire!) The breakbeat boy is back.”

“Tell your subs to get ready for a workout, as this bass-heavy tune relies on nothing but the strength of it’s low end offset with drums and a few main synths. The essence of this track is a club-shaker, and that it does in style. Get ready to blast this one, and don’t say we didn’t warn you...”