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“Fire Tiger have absolutely nailed that eighties hi-tech AOR sound. This is box fresh and sounds like the best Saturday night you ever had.”

“The LA based pop artists Fire Tiger took the stage at the Viper Room on March 16th 2017 as part of a genre themed showcase of artists. I rushed down to grab some photos and to finally see the band live on stage. I’ve been a fan of Fire Tiger‘s music since I made a personal discovery of the band... The female fronted act offered me something that I haven’t seen in a lot of local acts around town. It’s not that the band emulates that 80’s era VH-1 sound, there are a lot of bands that pay tribute to that genre. What makes this band stand out to me is that they aren’t deliberately trying to repeat something of the past – what made that era popular was that the artists wrote pop songs, not pop sounds. Fire Tiger simply writes pop songs, and as a result, it fits the mold; however similar to the sounds of the past. It’s new music, and it works, flawlessly.”

“An awesome new band that has the look and sound... Fire Tiger 'Energy' is a ten-song collection that will seriously leave you wondering what year it is. Everything from the vocals to the music is pure classic ’80s Pop/Rock and I am totally obsessed after just one listen...”

"Energy‘s ten tracks... tightly well-written, catchy, enduring songs... Energy showcases the depth and breadth of Tiff Alkouri and James Ramsey’s songwriting skills. Spanning the spectrum of pop-rock music while incorporating a broad range of influences and employing a variety of catchy sound devices, this disc is about as varied as you could ask for, all while sounding like a cohesive collection from recognizably the same band... Before long, the album is an enjoyable old friend beginning-to-end."

“Fire Tiger’s retro sound is certainly inescapable... Vocalist Tiffany Alkouri’s beyond comprehension style and soulful delivery reminiscent of Bonnie Tyler or Kim Carnes... “Open Eyes” goes the stunning palpable distance in a story of compassion and realizations that we should all do a bit more for those who have little to call their own...”

“Fire Tiger 'Energy' -April 2015 Best Pop Rock Album-”

“I have to admit; when I found the band Fire Tiger I let out more than just a squeal. I am totally in love with everything about this band. Fire Tiger brings together some of the best things in music, retro, rock... As soon as I heard your hit single “Energy” I was instantly hooked. You have brought back a sound that incorporates what every one loved about retro music, but you have given it your own touch; giving way to an amazing product... Fire Tiger is on a pretty serious roll. You guys are being played all over the world and people love it!”

“Fire Tiger's music is undeniably catchy and beautiful in all the right places... I'm eager to see this band conquer the pop world."”

“I recently feel as if I hit the jackpot upon discovering retro rock-pop outfit Fire Tiger. Ever since watching their video for the title track on their debut album, Energy, I haven't been able to get enough of this wonderful act.”

“Think Pat Benatar, Till Tuesday, Heart or Joan Jett... Vocally I’m floored. This chick has such a powerful voice... [Energy] has such a classic feel to it that for fans of 80’s pop it will feel like you’ve known this song forever.”

“Fire Tiger epitomizes what a retro band should be and is. The music beckons to times when Heart, The Bangles and The Go-Gos dominated the radio... Love it!”

“Everything about this band is authentic 80′s. If you’re a fan of The Pretenders, Pat Benatar, Heart, Madonna or basically any band that was big in the 80′s, you’ll love these guys.”

"I've got to be honest, I'm obsessed with this band, we've been playing them all week! We need a campaign to get them on the UK Top 40 Charts.. I LOVE this!!"

"Energy" summed up into one word: ANTHEM. Tiff’s authentic rolling vibrato at 1:15 is on par with rock goddess Pat Benatar.. At minute two the speedy synth backed by xylophone takes us into “The Final Countdown” that would make Europe proud pop papas... "

“Fire Tiger are a band who are increasingly gaining worldwide attention and recognition... Full of energy, bringing back all that's good about music."”

“Faith in humanity – RESTORED.” ~krisitak~ “Holy sh**. My life has meaning.” ~geek773~ “AWESOME, AWESOME, WHO’S GOT THE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!” ~16skyrocket~ “Es hermosa esta canción… Fire Tiger ♥” ~bocapasion100~ “I want to run a marathon listening to only this! :-]” ~AliveMama79~ “One word after listening to this - Bitchin’!” ~pdex2165~ “From the vocals to the lyrics to the melody, to the girl and band, I love it all!!” ~Stephreena12~ "Best band EVER. <3" -Tiani14 “I only have one question. Where do I get your amazing music so I can put it on my iPod and listen to it daily??”

“Each Monday TheSunsetStrip.com will focus on a new, local band to keep your eye on. THIS WEEK: Are your ready to dance in the streets? Fire Tiger... Energy!”