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“The firestate boys have done it again!, this single is possibly the best song they've released so far in my opinion, james' voice is phenomenal and the chorus will be permanently lodged in your brain after just one listen, the musicianship of the whole band is second to none, if you havent already then i implore you to download the single and to go see these guys live you wont be disappointed!”

Liam Merrigan - Into The Madness - Fan Review

“'Into The Madness' review. The single opens with echoing guitar notes reminiscent of the opening scenes of a thriller, its intriguing and draws you in. Then the drums kick in, swiftly followed by the gravely vocals of lead singer James. The vocals on this track are controlled and restrained and at first I wanted to hear James let rip a bit more, but with each play you begin to appreciate the slow almost teasing build of the track. The song maintains its slow build throughout and finishes on a swelling chorus, which leaves you wanting to hear more, which I do. I am looking forward to hearing what the rest of the album tracks are like, good job Firestate!”

Wendy Cheverton - Into The Madness Fan Review

“Firestate will be releasing their latest single ‘Into The Madness’ on 6th March. This is the second single to be taken from their much anticipated album that is due to be released in the summer of 2015. [Firestate] are the type of band that has the ability to produce rock songs that are instantly attention grabbing and with a number of influences thrown into the mix, their latest single is definitely one to get them noticed. From the very first notes of the guitars, with the catchy hooks and melodic versus, the track truly comes into its own as soon as the power of the song is unleashed in an anthemic chorus, that will remain in your head for the rest of the day. With the addition of impressive sounding vocals that alternate between clear and raw, this an excellent single from the band. Their first single from the album was ‘World Burn’, which was another brilliant track from the band and gives a teaser of just how monster sounding the album is going to be!”

“Carlos from berkshire based rock band Firestate took the time to talk to us about their views on photography and favourite work. - See full interview in the link below”

“Firestate's EP 'Cities' is unique in it's own way; drawing inspiration from hall of fame worthy musicians, while simultaneously creating something fresh & original for their fans. (See full review here http://littlebearwolf.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/firestate-cities.html)”

“Hailing from Newbury, Firestate recall the likes of Deftones as they weave heaviness with ethereal textures and soulful originality to create something crushing and compelling”

Fiddlers Elbow venue - gig reviews

“Guitar is dead. Blah blah blah. Where are the new bands? Blah blah blah. Well, if you look under the lid of your small town, you’ll probably find a seething hotbed of talent. On a night in Newbury last week, I was fortunate enough to go to a band night. ‘This is a local pub, for local people’ I initially thought, but, you get a real sense of community from the off. Basically, Firestate RAWK! The long hair flows like cider on a summer’s day, and the riffs are bigger than a Euromillions rollover. It’s like the 90′s are slapping you in the face, reminding you of when grunge  and rock took centre stage.”

“Snippets from our Wardstone Review, See full review in our blog at www.reverbnation.com/firestate..... Having worked with the local music scene since 2002 designing all forms of merchandise from the standard Tees and CD’s covers I felt that when I started my own Clothing Range that I should continue this association and spent some time in sweaty audiences working out which band would suit the brand best. Firestate remind me of old Foo Fighters with a touch of Biffy Clyro and some classic British metal thrown in, without any of the cheese, this may not sound like the best way to describe any band, but I can assure you it’s the only way I can, and after you have seen them you will understand where I am coming from.Wardstone are about clean understated style and quality and Firestate fit perfectly within this remit, we are pleased to be associated with them and hope that this association makes us both lots and lots of money, no but seriously, I mean it . . .. lots and lots of money ha”