Fires of Gomorrah / Press

“Why Are these dude not on tour yet? They need to spread the metal to the world. The guitar was Kick Ass, I looked and looked and looked for a flaw I only found one: Why did they not go last? No Band Should ever have to face the crowds after A Fires Performance. Its just not fair! lol. These Guys Get a 5 by 5 From Me and if you disagree dress in all black, go to the nearest freeway and walk into traffic!!!lmfao, thick, massive sound, characterized by highly amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, and overall loudness. WTF ELSE COULD YOU ASK FOR? NOTHING, THAT'S WHAT!!”

“Fires of Gomorrah should always be the last band, its the fair thing to do. No one should have to go on after their performance. I gotta say they may have officially converted me to a full on metal head. First I should commend The Lead Vocalist of the band because most metal bands vocalist strain to make themselves sound like a devil. Joe's Voice is Naturally Demonic and you can understand the words which is important. The Drums and Bass are so flawless and perfectly in sync that it talks you into banging your head even if you don't want to. Ummm I didn't cause I had a drink in my hand. Yep I put the drink down. May not seem like a big deal but for those who know me I NEVER PUT LIQUOR ANYWHERE BUT IN MY MOUTH.”

“Gomorrah Rules keep it LOUD!!!!!!!!”

The Fores - comment

“Sick tunes, dudes ! Keep the awesomeness coming \m/”

Embrace Agony - band - comment

“Sick, and evil sound!!! a big shout out from Los Angeles, Keep it metal!!!!!!!!!”

Desecration - band - comment

"brutal riffs and music u got there..... wretched of the earth is *bows down* amazing!!"

Metal Farmer Pritham D'Souza - comment