Fire Season / Press

“Westword interview.”

“Fire Season started the night off with some very '90s indie rocks sounds. On a timeline, the band's sound would land somewhere in between Sunny Day Real Estate and the later screamier stuff of the early '00s -- angsty, but poppy, with a hint of technical ambition. They were hard to gauge on a quick listen, but it seemed like there was something brewing that might be interesting in the long run. They had a short set, did their thing with little banter and then left. ”

"Mirrored Minds," the opening track on The Distance We've Created, the debut EP from Fire Season (due for release at a free all-ages show this Saturday, June 9, at Wax Trax), recalls that era of rock music in the '90s when the lines were blurred between emo, indie rock and something more atmospheric. Sam Braakman's husky vocals give the music some added character, and "Homeschoolin'" has the kind of bouncing, angular rhythm that might remind you a bit of Jawbreaker with hints of mid-era Dinosaur Jr, with the guitar lead breaking up with a touch of scrappy warmth. Meanwhile, "Pterodactyl" and its spiraling dynamics sound like what might have happened if someone from Fugazi had collaborated with Tristeza for a song: shiny, moody and edgy. And on the closing number, "Mouthpiece," Braakman is Scott Kelly-esque in his emotive gruffness. (Stop by the Backbeat blog this week for a full interview with the band.)