FireHaze / Press

"Nowadays Heavy Music needs a band that offers a lethal mix of hard hitting rhythmical grooves, crushing riffs, and a whole lotta soul within the lyrics. In our humble opinion, Cuba's FIREHAZE is one of the only upcoming bands in the world that is offering a very fresh mix of all the elements mentioned above."

Horns Up Rock, Prestigious New York based Blog dedicated to Rock & Metal Music

"The best part of listening to FireHaze's brand of Metal is that the music is infused with an energy and passion that comes from a band who came from a place that wouldn't allow them to rock freely. They can't help but bring a serious and intense vibe of struggle and determination in their music, especially in their somber new single "Memories", which communicates what true Metal is about!"

Chris Tomato - (Sound Of Urchin, Louder Education, THOR)

"FireHaze are thrash at its finest!" - "This music is as filthy as it comes and if you love thrash, you’ll love FireHaze."

“Nice job @firehazeband killer performance @DingbatzNJ 1st time I saw something like this here! http://instagr.am/p/JoGciASZdP/”