FIRE DOG / Press

"FIRE DOG and their special breed of indie pop/surf is the perfect soundtrack to the hope that is mid-spring in St. Louis. With tuneage that is dancing or foot tapping safe, FIRE DOG deliver smart yet fun melodies that are a celebration of sound."

"With their unique, catchy brand of pop/surf rock, irresistible vocal harmonies and friendly stage persona, FIRE DOG is instantly likeable - the type of band that can make anyone smile and perhaps even start a dance party - anytime, anywhere."

"Good music answers new questions with each listen, and this is where FIRE DOG's headman, Mark Pagano, succeeds on the self-titled 2006 release. Plus the songs are catchy as hell! The beats are heavy, guitars distorted, the melodies are sweet. Stomp your feet and listen. It's rock n' roll!"

Arthur James - Musicwire