Fire By Night / Press

"Wings of the Sun" incredible rock riffs soaring. Tight band. Great vocals...can feel ya * Patricia :)

Fan - Patricia :)

“Awesome sound--tight tracks! "The Storm" has a great dark energy and terrific guitar work! Great listening! --Slam Horse”

Slam Horse - Slam Horse

“Loved the dark and turbulent sound of RED WOLF .. great guitar with bass and drums keeping it flowin along”

Jeff - ''FAN''

“To Each His Own is GANGSTER!!! I also liked Red Wolf that shit was deep...u guys got something here with your music. Much SUCCESS!! ”

Dead End/ Terror - Reverbnation

“Fire by Night play's with an intense power in their performance and lyrics which has an almost irresistible force; free soloing guitar riding on an overdriven rhythm that gives way to some compelling vocals. This band is a great listen!”

Robyn - Reverbnation

“Powerful and Excellence !!!!!! You guys tear it !! Keep doin' what you do .... Great music ... Stu "Bear''”

Stu ''Bear'' - Reverbnation

“Very good songs with such strong lyrics. Very powerful performance. Superb”

Graham Butterfield - Reverbnation

“You Guys are a Live sensation !”

powerhouse X - Reverbnation

“One of the best rock bands I've ever worked with !”

Josh Dougen - TMG Studios

“Nothing but more success is coming your way!”

Mike Kwao - Reverbnation

“''Red Wolf'', yeah !”

Blurrd Vision - Reverbnation

“'Down unto the Fall', well constructed rock song, hard hitting, with great lyrics and a serious message, good work guys! ”

Robyn Jane - Reverbnation

“'' To each his own", a gorgeous piece. What a pleasure to listen to good music. Clear clean guitar work. Good vibes and friendship Nick and Amanda”

Genre Fuse - Reverbnation


Frankie Eldorado - Reverbnation

“Rock is all about energy and feel, and this music ROCKS! Nice work. Wayne ”

The proffesor and Naomi Kay - Reverbnation

“To each his own-for sure. I love Christian music! Thanks for spreading the WORD! Mar 02”

Peg O'Neill - Reverbnation

“VA. is rocking Fire by Night reminds me of Metallica instrumentals and then the vocals come in ...oh yeah I'm a fan! ”

Terry Burcham - Reverbnation

“LIKE us on facebook , where you can find more videos from FBN.”

Cole Young - FBN

“Our CD entitled ''Fire By Night'' ''In The Beginning'' will be out sometime this summer, Downloads will also be available.”

Cole Young - Fire By Night, TMG Studios