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“Congratulations! You were selected for the April-May 2017 'Discover' new artists contest on College Underground Radio. 'Discover' is a feature of College Underground Radio Cameroon that helps to expose a band or artist to our station''s global listeners and website visitors. Promote your track to fans and have them cast a vote your way. The link to the Discover New Artists contest is below. 'Discover' starts on April 16, 2017 and ends May 14, 2017. So start promoting and good luck!”

“While this daily show highlights the current listener favorites, we wanted to take a look back to see which songs seemed to resonate best with our audience across the entire month of September. So here are the top 10 songs of September: 1. Nice And Tall – The Good Mess 2. The Menstruating Angel and the Snoring Hummingbird – Tusko Fatale 3. Something Beautiful – Fiona MacMahon 4. Nearsighted – Ten Cent Days 5. TUNGUSKA / After Party Blues – Stereoma 6. Get Over Yourself – Melissa Weinstein 7. Figure It Out For Yourself – Turnpike Gardens 8. Promenade – The Kickstand Band 9. I Wasn’t Born an Angel – RJ Comer 10. I’d Like To Say I Miss You – Skyline Sounds.”

“'Muddled In The Middle', Winner : Best Song in the Singer/Songwriter category. 'Muddled In The Middle' pleas for personal rebirth through its breathy, ethereal vocal arrangements, ambient strings and understated percussion, bringing the musical poem to its full potential.”

“Fiona, thank you so much for being a guest on the show with your music and with Seven Days and the recommendation. When I discover music artists as talented as you it makes my podcast so much fun!! ”

-- King Minion's Music Podcast --

“Congrats to Fiona MacMahon​ who had the most votes last week on Band vs Band (daily 7pm ET). Fiona stays on this week and is joined by DAEM​, NONIE​, Leading the Blind​, DUCRU​ and some new music from The Wicked Venetians​. Tune in all week at 7pm ET to hear these bands exclusively.”

“Mac Mahon's vocals echo a young Joni Mitchell, but she never strains to prove a point. Musically, it's folky and understated too. Impressive”

Patrick Brennan - Hot Press Magazine

“An interplay between melancholy and euphoria is to be found in the songs of Fiona MacMahon, a native of Limerick, Ireland, who now resides in Hamburg.”

Musikmesse Frankfurt Magazine

“Fiona MacMahon demonstrates why she's been described as "Beth Orthon's less stressed out sister"”

Hot Press Magazine