Fiona Dickinson / Press

“Kalamazoo's greatest musician. Period.”

Sean Hartman, booking agent for The Strutt

“Few albums embrace the cold, harsh winters of West Michigan quite like Duende.”

– Recoil Magazine

“Fiona’s voice carries integrity and emotions above and beyond the bar set for todays standards.”

Mostly Midwest

“The level of catharsis and convalescence in Fiona Dickinson’s music is astonishing. You can feel her voice pushing back the demons as she digs deep into a growl, and then angelically welcome in the healing process with the voice of tranquility. While the subject matter and mood of her songs may carry a wistful and woebegone spirit, this is incredibly warm and inviting sonance that lives and breathes to understand and rebuild once the exorcism is complete.”

Peter Cook, Asylum Lake Press

“Fiona’s music is a dark beast that always creates a hushed crowd. ”

Mostly Midwest

“The control Fiona commands over the absolute atmosphere of a venue is staggering, especially considering that, at the end of the day, it’s only one person with an acoustic guitar.”

DIT Kalamazoo

“She’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill singer/songwriter.”

West Michigan Noise!

“Fiona Dickinson achieves with ease what a majority of songwriters never even begin to grasp. Honest, maturely crafted, deeply stirring songs that hang in the balance between the darkness and the light. An absolute immense voice and creative force." ”

Graham Parsons, Touring Musician and frontman for The Go Rounds.