Fiona Cuthill & Stevie Lawrence / Press

“Congratulations to Fiona Cuthill & Stevie Lawrence, whose "Cruel Kindness" album has made the top three in the Instrumental Album Of The Year category in the Fatea Awards for an outstanding contribution in 2011 http://www.fatea-records.co.uk/magazine/Awards2011.html”

"This must be one of the finest releases this year".

The Living Tradition

“A CRUEL KINDNESS arrives as an impressive debut by a remarkable duo.”

“A Cruel Kindness is an outstanding debut that shines the spotlight on Cuthill and Lawrence’s abounding musical talent.”

“This is a lively album full of time and key changes, sharp and sassy and damned fine entertainment”

FATEA Magazine

"If anyone wants to move on from strictly trad folk, this album will provide not only ideas, but a warning of what youre up against out there"

Shreds and Patches

"An exceptional fiddle player with a lovely, sure tone...Fiona Cuthills playing is glorious throughout"


"Cuthill excels, as both composer and player"

The Scotsman