Peter McGowan & Finn MacCool / Press

“..."I was blown away by their live performance. They blended the instrumentation of Celtic folk music with rock music intensity"... Jim Fowler”

Jim Fowler - Los Angeles Times

“..."Like NOTHING you have ever heard. You will feel the presence and you will know the stories of the Celtic people through the music of Finn MacCool"... ”

Orange County Register

“..."Finn MacCool will take you on a journey from Ancient Ireland to Modern America"... ”

Irish News & Entertainment

“IA&E: What music are you influenced by McGowan: I connect with and love what is at the heart of Irish music. Raw emotion, great storytelling, and haunting melodies. One can sense the sheer love of music these musicians and song writers had. I once heard, music is what feelings sound like. I agree, you can hear what these people were feeling through the music. It is like, the melodies carry some of the DNA of the people who created them as well as those who lived at that time. One can hear mother Ireland in the music of her children”