T.L. Mazumdar / Press

“''...beautifully crafted and produced...a major talent.'' Jack Douglas (Producer: John Lennon, The Who, Miles Davis, Aerosmith etc.)”


“''Difficult to say what earns this musician more admiration: his soulful singing and sovereign Arrangements? How effortlessly he handles his keyboards and electronics? Or the stylistic independence, with which the different worlds he travels free of dissent are brought and melted together nonchalantly…unique and unpretentious..'' -”

“''...personifies multi-culturalism like few others do...treads musical and linguistic boundaries with ease and confidence''.”

“Combination of intellect and intuition..among a handful of Indian musicians who are trying to break the Western stereo­type that they have to play sitars or tablas, or sing Bollywood and bhangra numbers..shows production skills that a veteran would be proud of.”

“''....heady stuff......bloody magical.''”

“''The only Germany-based representative of Indian Electronic music''.”

“''The earliest pioneer of the fringe and experimental side of electronic music in Kolkata''.”

“''...charismatische Ausnahmemusiker''.”


“..multi-faceted, multi-talented and encompasses everything that is fresh and contemporary in the music business today”

Blue Frog, Mumbai

“An incredible talent. A thrilling album. An artist who, in short, just has it.”