Filligar / Press

“ "Seeing the band live was amazing." - Behind the Hype ”

"One of the year's best releases from a breakout act."

RSL Blog

"[This] four-piece could grow into something massively cool"

The Boston Herald

"The band's best release to date."

Richard Milne - 93XRT

"Although they are young, [Filligar has] a great sense of rock and roll heritage."


"Pay attention to Filligar because you're going to want to say you saw them."

San Antonio Express News

"Chicago’s Filligar combines elements of psychedelic rock, blues and classic rock for a polished sound that evokes the likes of the Doors and the Rolling Stones with a modern twist."

Metromix Atlanta

"Listening to the album is akin to flipping through the AM radio of the 70s, an album to blast.... It’s a rock album. It's an American rock album. It’s ambitious, it’s bombastic, and it’s shooting for the big dogs"

New Orleans Indie Rock Collective

"On the same caliber as [the Black Keys]"

Audio Muffin

"This is pure, rock music... A perfect soundtrack to your summer exploits."

Indie 69