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“Singled Out: Fight The LionantiMUSIC.comToday Fight The Lion lead singer Jake Mimikos tells us about "Time Taker" and "A New Hope" from their new album "When the Mighty Fall," which is currently available on iTunes. We now turn it over to Jake for the stories: "Time Taker" - This was one of those songs that we knew instantly would be good. Musically it came together so easy for us because we knew we wanted to throw some toms in the verses with a spacey guitar and then come in big on the chorus. Once we started to figure out the vocal harmonies, we felt the song was brought to a whole new level. At that point I started to think about the lyrics. Well one main theme that was going through my head when playing the song (and hearing the guitar riffs) was time. I began to think about how I could incorporate something in my life, something that was real, into the song. With my busy schedule (and I'm sure many people's busy schedule) I wanted to tie it all together. Starting with the ...”

“It has been a productive first year for Virginia’s Fight the Lion. Since forming in late 2009, they have recorded and released their debut album (When the Mighty Fall), played shows with Def Leppard, Poison and Cheap Trick and, most recently, opened the second stage at the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Va. Prior to their set, Live-Metal.net’s Greg Maki met up with the quartet—vocalist/guitarist Jake Mimikos, lead guitarist Ron Cruz, bassist Jason Proctor and drummer Shawn Battle—to talk about their formation, influences and more.”

“The band seems to be defining their sound on this CD. Tracks seem to bounce back and forth between uptempo rockers such as “Runaway Lover” and “The Drive” to slower, more emotionally charged songs such as “A New Hope” and “The Changing”. You can really feel the emotional attachment to the lyrics of the slower songs by Jake. The title track, “When The Mighty Fall” is a standout on the CD and sets the tone of the overall positive message that the band is conveying to the listener, focusing on the positive and overcoming negativity.”

Johnny Price - Fight The Lion Fans Worldwide

“Just when I thought real rock music was dead, Fight The Lion infested my speakers. Very impressive arrangements and writing supported by aggressive drums. It’s one of the few CD’s that doesn’t leave my car. It’s perfect for driving or preparing for MMA training. Hey, Fight The Lion!””

““The tunes on When the Mighty Fall should fit right in with that lineup. Fourth track “Fire It Up!” absolutely owns a “Rocky” anthem, get-on-your-feet-and-scream quality.The album eases into its ultimate electric-storm vibe with “A New Hope,” an A Perfect Circle-like track with a skulking verse and a burgeoning chorus that shows off Mimikos’s pipes and Battle’s hardcore harmonies. “Let This Die” follows, with more vocal gymnastics and a raucous and robust chorus.””

Mike Hume - Falls Church News-Press

“Fight the Lion's sound is cut for radio. Their grinding guitar licks, and dark minor-driven verses that swing into soaring choruses bring to mind the likes of Chevelle, Tool, Hoobastank, and other bands you might hear when flipping your dial to DC101 (or the late great HFS). The album leaves little doubt that lead singer Jake Mimikos and his crew are talented, and the production of this disc is far beyond what one would expect from a band at such an early stage in their career. The title track "When the Mighty Fall" is a notable piece in the project, evoking an early-nineties rock sound reminiscent of Soundgarden, and "A New Hope" drips with the syncopated guitar riffs connoisseurs of this genre drool over. For fans of the modern rock genre, this band is absolutely for you, buy the album, I promise you will love it.”

DM - OnTap Magazine