Fight Like Sin / Press

“Only three tracks, “Surrender Nothing” defines quality over quantity. Each song is deep in layered guitars and vocal tracks. In his Chemcoma days, Hughes’ voice often got lost in his bandmates’ voices and the crunch of guitars. On these tracks, Hughes’ voice is the secret weapon. Sure, there are tons of six-string fireworks but Hughes’ voice really drives “All on Me” and “I Was Nowhere.” “The Black” is the standout of the three with a signature guitar riff that gets things started and some creative studio work. However, the song’s guts make for a tasty hard rock anthem, with or without the studio trickery. Hughes better watch out for crocodiles because in this song he is Captain Hook. There are several parts easy for singing/screaming along and head bobbing/banging. “Surrender Nothing” could easily fit on any modern rock radio station but live, Fight Like Sin can hang with the heavyweights, too.”