Fight Another Day / Press

“Such Powerful Music !!! Congrats on the Indie Artist of the Day !!!" Fight Another Day "ROCKS !!!”

Melody Lea

“check out my favorite band page!! Fight Another Day excellent quality of great rock music!”

Katzy Edward, Abyssablaze

“FIGHT ANOTHER DAY RELEASES ALBUM!!!! Fight Another Day releases their album Rub Some Dirt On It. Check out this amazing album today and help support local music. This album is a must hear from an amazing band. Visit their Facebook page, click "LIKE" and give their music a listen. Click below to purchase the album today.”

Stephen Despin, BandLand Radio

“Just had the pleasure of listening to this great new EP from my friend Chris Berry's band Fight Another Day... This is some of the best rock I've heard in a long time! Listen to the samples and give it a try, I'm sure you'll like it ... then buy it ... musicians like to eat too :0)”

Ron Humphries, Southern Experience

“‎Fight Another Day! Absolutely worth to listen! Brilliant band!”

Yolanda Flaming, Murky Red

“When the mountain beats you down, you get up and Fight Another Day. Seriously rocking tunes here, starting with the infectious guitar leads in Zombie Apocolypse (A Love Song).”

Matthew Meadows, Matthew Meadows Music

“Received your CD from cd baby. Sounds incredible. I love it. Lost count how many times I listened to it. Highly recommend it.”

Chrissy Sinn

“Fight Another Day is a really great sounding band...and super talented...check these guys out!!! Also grab their new album "Rub Some Dirt on It"”

Riff Johnson, Sound And Vice

“WOW so much power :D amazing music.. you rock guys”

Annett Sternchen

"Yes!! A Zombie Apocalypse song! Thank you Fight Another Day! Some kick ass rock!!"

JCM Booking & Management

“After spending the last few days at Reading Festival I thought I was music’ed out. Then the Fight Another Day EP was handed to me. “Oh No” I thought, not another “wanna be” band. What a shock. Why the hell weren’t these guys on the bill. They are at least equal to any band there. Every track is well played, well produced and full of meaning and energy. If they are as good live.. and I’m sure they will be…. Don’t miss FIGHT ANOTHER DAY All I can say is………. “Rub Some Dirt On It” … BUY IT ”

“Fight Another Day, a progressive alternative rock band out of Florida breaks into the scene with their high-energy Debut EP “Rub Some Dirt On It”. The first song on the album “Sound” is a perfect beginning for this amazing band to clearly make a statement which demonstrates their in your face powerful instrumentation and gritty vocals, which are like a cross between Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters and Brandon Boyd from Incubus. This band could easily open for any major act and have the crowd to their feet and pumped just as much as any major headliner.”

Ken Benyon - Booberken Productions

“The song “So Long” is such a sweet song that speaks of a fathers love for his little girl and the things he may have missed along the way because of working so hard to provide for his child. This song really highlights the bands softer side without sacrificing their power and the guitar solo on this song is spot on, like a soulful conversation that expresses exactly what’s needed. Fight Another Day clearly has put together a great array of songs that will leave the listener craving for more.”

Ken Benyon - Booberken Productions

“Fight Another Day releases their album Rub Some Dirt On It. Check out this amazing album today and help support local music. This album is a must hear from an amazing band.”

“Fight Another Day, a progressive alternative band out of Tampa, opened for Circle II Circle at State Theater.”