Fifth Freedom / Press

“Up against semi-national giants, and well known local heros, including Loki, Civil D, and Prospect Hill, FIFTH FREEDOM is voted BEST LIVE ROCK GROUP by WTOS listeners”


“These guys are the real deal, this 'supergroup' plays with so much energy and soul, its hard to believe they aren't huge yet, and when they are, I just hope they aren't too drunk to remember me.”

Bill "BONEDRIVER" Murphy - 106.3 The Bone

“Opening for Shinedown, Godsmack and original Guns n' Roses members like Steven Adler? These guys are going to be huge. They are blowing up, these guys are going to be gigantic!”

Katrina Bothello - 106.3 THE BONE

“After ten minutes of their set, I was wondering why they weren't the biggest rock group in Maine - let alone the country.”

Rob Kennedy - 105.1 WTOS FM