Fiddleworms / Press

“Squeaky Wheel Tour for The Missing - The Fiddleworms are profiling Christy Lynn Morrison Garrard, 24-years-old at the time she went missing on August 14, 1998. She was last seen riding along Roden Avenue and Highway 431 in Boaz, AL.”

“This disc is just ...one great song after another, and each song reveals another facet of the band's ability. If you're visiting the HGMN site, chances are good that Fiddleworms deserve your further inspection and a good, long listen.”

“The Fiddleworms have been turning heads in Germany...a recent review by Kayser states that 'Volkswagen Catfish' is an album for those who like melodies and consider themselves connoisseurs of good American music.'”

“Everything about the latest release from the Fiddleworms reveals the band's strong connection to the Shoals....Even the title refers to a local urban legend about mutant catfish... ”

“When Russell Mefford was a kid, he thought the platform-wearing, tongue-wagging members of KISS were like superheroes. Not only that, they came bearing gifts, temporary tattoos.”

“Two Shoals acts, John Paul White and the Fiddleworms, will open for the national touring act, US, during the street party, which will be on Court Street between Tennessee and Mobile streets today as a part of ongoing Handy festival activities.”

“About 250 people attended the band's CD release party at the Muscle Shoals Music Hall in downtown Sheffield. Some unfortunate fans were turned away after the building was filled.”

“Of all the newer bands I have run across here at GRITZ over the past five years, none have burned their music into my brain any stronger than The Fiddleworms. This Muscle Shoals, Alabama rock band embraces all of their influences, from the legendary Shoals “Swampers” to...”

“Shoals-based band the Fiddleworms held a launch party for its new CD last week in Sheffield, but the event very nearly didn't happen because the city zoning adjustments board denied the initial request by the promoter...”

“It's sad that the area with the music heritage of the Shoals does not have the proper venue to properly present something the area was once known for producing...”

“(A) rising partner in roots rock is the Southern psychedelic band the Fiddleworms, hailing from soulful, music-rich northwest Alabama...”