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“Sin. - "Here, My Dear" Mixtape Review”

“As the music begins to play through the speakers on each side of the studio, words start to come alive with the rhythm of the beat. Sinista, or Sin for short as he is called by his friends, takes a long drag on his black and mile and begins to nod his head and mouths along to his lyrics he has just laid down less than twenty minutes ago. "Yeah this is a keeper", says Sin, as he replays the track. This self made CEO of his own record label Feva Records shows no signs of slowing down since the independent release of his debut self-titled album in 1999. Born Jemel Brown in Baltimore, when asked the question "Where do you get your inspiration?", he simply says, "life". As with any underground artist he says "The experiences and situations that come from living your life is where I get my inspiration from". Nothing new to the Baltimore underground Hip-Hop scene he has performed at various clubs around the city promoting his sophomore album titled The Balance L.P.”

“An MC Gets Emotional”