FEUD / Press

“Rammed with blistering guitar riffs, crushing rhythms and contagious rock anthems, 'Waterdog' is a truly honest and potent modern rock record. ”

Die Shellsuit Die!

“if you’re missing Nirvana then I can think of no better replacement, with all the energy and a slew of brand new songs to boot. ”

Is This Music

“Ferocious rock grunge riff monsters.”

Red Hot Velvet

"...hard rocking-no thrills-straight for the balls music for real people..."

Velocity Recordings

"...Hard Rock sound for the End of the Millennium..."

“...one of the best unsigned British modern rock bands around...”

Fireworks Magazine

“...with a good set of songs, noose-tight playing and an assured presence they'll surely go far...”

Alec Kingham - Reading Chronicle

“...a modern Nirvana with a metal edge...”

Surface Unsigned

"...progressive rock with very grunge orientated roots..."

Surface unsigned

"...mammoth punk infused riffs sure to get the adrenaline pumping live..."