Fernando Garcin / Press

“Played the first five tracks - Some of the most wonderful and inspirational songs I've ever heard - original and melodic - beautifully played and sung with terrific lyrics. ...”

Chris Ingram (Magical Nottingham Sounds)

“I am melting!! :) Noche Bajo El Sol is so incredibly beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes!! You are so expressive with your vocals and your voice is so soothing and unique...”

(P'like - Texas Women Names Review)

"pull out the cork... what do you get? you get the El FERN genie!!!!!! you gotta be a genie to keep coming up with the stellar word portraits you paint, bro...."

(The Magneto Flobe, Florida) –RN-

"Listening to Noche Bajo El Sol. Love your style and voice, Fernando! You remind me a little of Gainsbourgh. But I think you're voice is richer and has a little more character!"

(SpEnt fixer, Seattle, WA) –RN-

"noche bajo el sol is perfect and i'm only 25 seconds in. I love you're approach to this song. This song is amazing. Absolutely amazing. and I love how you brought the rest of the band in after the refrain/chorus/hook. You're music is fantastic, that guitar solo at 2:18 is perfect. and i love how you distorted the verse rift."

Tristan Alexander (Fayeteville, NC, USA) -RN-

"So relaxing and beautiful! You have a wonderful voice, Fernando!"

Jules Marie (RN)

"If you are the same river ... the sea will take care of you..... What a perfect line (without a frog in sight...;-))"

Andrew Austin (RN)

“Hi Fernando, your vocals with the spanish guitar is so interesting... you sound a bit like a spanish Lou Reed, the talk walk sing style you have. Very cool! Like the richness of the demo sound. Thanks so much for sharing your uniqueness with me!”

Janice Kephart, RN

"mar de cristal" is another great song, bro... the pictures you paint with words, are on a par with anything dali did on canvas... and love the vocal performance, too...

The Magneto Flobe

“Came back again and listened to 'Airport Song' Loved it! Your vocal is warm, soothing, and hypnotic! Can't wait to hear more soon!”

Michelle Kasajian, RN

"your quality is perfect, your technique is astounding, and your range is immense. I'm taken by your creations and can't wait to hear more"

Shazdar. RN

"noche bajo el sol" - like that chords and the whispered vocals. has the feel of waking up in the night speaking half sleeping, when you had a strange dream. love that vibe


“No matter english or spanish. You sound excellent in both languages. Especially love the dynamics of Noche Bajo El Sol. Wunderbar! kappi”

Ship of Gold

“who you reminded me of was nagging me til I looked at your sounds like - yeah! Brel with that rawness, passion, tenderness and power! ¡Fantástico!”

the Johnnie squizzercrow experiment

"Mr. Cohen/Reed from a parallel universe? - a little bit, but you´ve the sound & visions of today and I love it."

Pyjama Devil (Reverbnation)

“I find what captivates me, every time I listen to him, is that deep resonant voice spinning out like spun silk - Grange Rutan ,author, aka Lady Haig”

Grange Rutan, aka Lady Haig - The Net

"Fernando Garcin is a Spanish poet from Valencia, who moved into lyric writing, then singing, and finally to songwriting and being a band leader. Untitled Love is his fifth album, the first to be made available on iTunes. certainly his writing is improving from disc to disc, as is his voice. There's a fine interplay between the Spanish originals, and the English songs... but to really get the most of this album, dive straight into 'Noche Bajo El Sol', a steamy nightclub number; or 'El Ultimo Round' which evokes Neil Young; the beat poetry which is 'El Mismo Rio'; or the extraordinary performance which is 'El Rey Escarlate'. If you can hunt down two of his earlier works : 'la Mejor Hora' and 'Tan Fiero, Tan Fragil' or even the compilation 'Tiempo y Detalles' you'll join an exclusive club who have found a rich mix of lyrical pop and folk..."

"Just amazing! Windows open, light rain on a lazy Sunday morning kind of music. Love your voice."

Reverbnation - Jayne Anne Ballentine

“Vocals are excellent and the mixed genre of the music fits together seamlessly. I love the production, the musician and the lyrics, Even the words I do not understand drift along waves of beauty. "Noche Bajo El Sol" is incredible. PMB Bartholomew (NYC)”

PM Bartholomew (music, songwriter) NYC - The Net