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“When you chat with drummer Fernando Medina, it’s as if you are in a rock and roll history class. His story is fascinating and his career is varied, from London musicals to appearances at SXSW...Texture, syncopation, dynamics, precision, flow–these are Fernando Medina’s percussive hallmarks whether playing rock, indie, pop, R&B, world music, reggae, dubstep, americana, folk or some genre-style beyond labels. Gutsy exuberance–his personal stamp. Hire him and be prepared for a quirky sense of humor, some inspired, explorative drumming, and equally-inspiring stories and reflection. This man lives for the marrow and meandering of life–and rhythm.”

"Rhythm is universal," professional drummer Fernando Medina says, drawing accompanists as he pounds two mallets on a metal plate on the ground. "And this is percussion of the masses. I like inclusivity when it comes to art."

“Great stage presence and faultless player. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him for any gig, tour, recording session.”

PJ Phillips, Bassist/Dir. of Regulus Music Ltd.(pjphillpsonbass.com), London - TESTIMONIAL

“I have found Fernando a pleasure to work with. Not only is he a gifted musician, but also a resourceful, hard-working and decent human being. He will not disappoint!”

Jon Vyner, Artist Mgr/Talent Buyer, Underworld,theunderworldcamden.co.uk, London - TESTIMONIAL

“Fernando Medina's superb drumming. -- FROM LIVE REVIEW OF EZRA AXELROD'S "Songs from the American Motel."”


“Fernando was easy to work with no matter how easy or complex the style. If you want a personal touch, call him.”

Tommy Osuna, Guitarist/Prod./Songwriter, Osuna Prod(tommyosuna.com), Los Angeles - TESTIMONIAL

“He brought our music to new levels. Levels that I didn't know existed...He taught me how to strive for technical perfection while simultaneously teaching me to think outside the box...He's also a musical director. He can whip a band into shape faster than anybody...He makes you better...Fernando has the technical skills of a professional classical musician, the creativity of a free jazz player and the emotional capacity of a singer-songwriter. It's a powerful combination.”

“He is a highly dedicated musician with a real passion for the 'Art of Rhythm'.”

Tony Schultz, BigT Prod./Chair of Boston Sect. of Audio Engineering Soc., Boston - TESTIMONIAL

“The show was great, smooth, as if he had been our drummer all along.”

Mark Grzelak, Guitarist for The Javelinas (KentlandRecords.com), Chicago - TESTIMONIAL

“You are one of the most unique and talented musos I have ever encountered. You weave melodies out of percussion, a feat rarely achieved by drummers. You have given incredible backbone to my music.”

Ezra Axelrod, Composer/Songwriter/Recording Artist (ezraaxelrod.com), London - TESTIMONIAL

“drummer Fernando Medina, whose presence on three tracks on Standing on Ceremony marks songs that are far superior to the other eight on this record in terms of both sound and performance. -- FROM CD REVIEW, "Standing on Ceremony" by RED EYE NINE.”

“Fernando stepped into difficult and time-constrained circumstances while substituting for Future Rock. He conducted himself as total professional and nailed our original compositions in the first rehearsal. We were impressed.”

Felix Moreno, Bassist, Future Rock (futurerock.net), Chicago - TESTIMONIAL

“Endlessly creative and energetic, Fernando set the standard for what I hope for when I hire a session musician.”

Steve Berman, Composer, Berman-Branco Music (bermanbranco.com), Boston - TESTIMONIAL

“I like the song 'Under Rotting Wood.' A lot of people seem to like it. Believe it or not, I originally wanted to put a techno-beat in the song. I showed my idea to Fernando, he said ''oh that's interesting, but, here's what I had in mind...'' As usual, he was right. He came up with such great parts for the song. He said, 'think of something that Manu Katche would do.' There's not a solid beat, each verse is a little different. It's very flowing, very textured and very intricate. The drums are used as a lead instrument in that song, while the guitar and bass are keeping things steady. This allows Fernando and Kris to do what they do best. Soar over the top of everything in weird, syncopated outbursts of expression.-- FROM "Recording Stories", MYSPACE BLOG ENTRY BY ROBERT FILIPPO (STREZO CO-FOUNDER)”

Robert Fillippo - Strezo Myspace Blog

“I had worked with Fernando Medina on my album "Dead Lover's Society". He arranged and played the drum section for my single "Little Black Cat". Fernando is very professional and easy to work with. During the recording session he nailed his part down in every take. He is an awesome drummer!”

Lucien Desar, Composer (desar.com), New York City - TESTIMONIAL

“A band that is not afraid to mix musical styles ranging from African rhythms to more traditional indie music...The best song on the album is "Purple". This fast-paced number is driven by the drumming of Fernando Medina. -- FROM REVIEW OF "This Balance" BY STREZO.”

Bobby Moore - Silence Is A Rhythm

“Fernando rocks!...literally! He is an incredible drummer with a tremendous sense of rhythm and soul. And a consummate professional to top it off.”

Amy Anzel, Theatre Producer/Actress (amyanzel.com), London - TESTIMONIAL

“the drum tracks (which anchor the effort)... the political/feminist/humanist lyrical content of the album is its most compelling feature, followed by the drumming. -- FROM CD REVIEW OF "Haunted House Vol. 1" BY STREZO”

Flagpole Magazine

“Fernando Medina is an outstanding percussionist and wonderful to work with!”

Tim Janis, Pianist/Composer/Producer (timjanis.com), Boston - TESTIMONIAL

“Special mention goes to the drum work, almost tribal in its beat and origins. The CD lists Fernando Medina as drummer. -- FROM CD REVIEW OF "Amber Spyglass" BY AMBER SPYGLASS.”

“Fernando is the most dynamic, tight and versatile drummer I've ever had the pleasure of performing with!”

William Steffey, Recording Artist (williamsteffey.com), Chicago - TESTIMONIAL

“In 1998 and 1999 two European and one American tour was done for the ''Pornographic Messiah'' album. During both European tours the line up was: Valor on vocals and guitar, Maitri on bass and backing vocals, Fernando Medina playing the drums and Wim Leydes as a lead guitarist. -- FROM A CHRISTIAN DEATH/ROZZ WILLIAMS ONLINE FORUM”

“Fernando Medina is a solid, hard hitting versatile player. He's a true professional that you can count on to know, as well as enhance the material. Experience counts! But most importantly, he still currently has a passion and love for the craft of music-making that he always had.”

Chris Bernhardt, Bassist/Leader of BMR4 (bmr4.com), Chicago - TESTIMONIAL

“The satisfying melodic crunches are evident in most of the songs, sometimes impressively a cappella but usually accompanied by the energetic band: Fernando Medina (drums), Tom Parsons (bass and vocals), Patrick Rowe (guitar), and Willemijn Steenbakkers (violin). -- FROM LIVE REVIEW OF EZRA AXELROD'S "Songs from the American Motel."”

“Generous percussive soundscapes paint the 10 tracks of Haunted House Volume 1. -- FROM CD REVIEW OF "Haunted House Vol. 1" by STREZO.”

“I would highly recommend Fernando to anyone looking for a high-quality studio and live drummer.”

Matt Stamm, Singer-Songwriter (mattstamm.com), New York City - TESTIMONIAL

“Known for their eccentric arrangements played against uncluttered lyrics, Shave Librarian is a powerful group that hovers above pure twisted genius. -- FROM CD REVIEW of "God of Rain" by SHAVE LIBRARIAN.”

Independent Songwriter Web Magazine

“Kristen Strezo and the Czech Republic create something completely different. Kristen’s delicate and thickly emotive vocals plait over and around a bevy of ethereally understated, complex soundscapes and world beats creating a distinctively charged flavor of art rock. There are also unabashed tribal howls, hypnotic beats, delicate electronic melodies and moments of sparseness resulting in an always moody and indescribably mesmerizing sound. With additional instrumentation from William Simmons, Fernando Medina, Pryce, Miguel Torres, Sean Blythe on different songs, their 9-track CD, This Balance, is an enrapturing collection of wholly unexpected songs.”

Mary Ann Naylor - Church of Girl

"This balance" is one of those rare compilations which show the hallmark of good artistry- combining originality, deep personal expression and genuine experimentation with unique sounds and rhythmic mixes. The juxtaposition of the upbeat tempo and African beats with the slower ballads and wistful love songs provides a good mix for both entertainment and reflection. -- FROM REVIEW OF "This Balance" BY STREZO.

Sarah Malick - WO! Magazine (Australia)

“He's the very definition of the term "all over the map."”

Buzzplug Magazine