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You know all that stuff about "genre"? Forget it. We don't do genre. We make music that is both completely weird, and enjoyable by almost anyone. Our set lists have a body count. We sing songs about trolls eating children, songs that feature both Rainbow Brite and Edgar Allan Poe, songs about spontaneous human combustion. We do acoustic folk versions of 1980s New Wave hits, and loud electric punk versions of 500 year old traditional ballads. We have banjos, accordions, electric guitars, coconuts, kaossilators, a mandolin named Jiffy Pop, and a hotel service bell, and we're not afraid to use them.

And don't forget our band motto... "It isn't a REAL trainwreck unless it's on fire!"

Home Shuriken Kit (2010)
Spoilers (2010)
Garbage Pizza (2009)

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Dave Stagner, John Kentner, Justin Hartley, Tami Murck
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Feng Shui Ninjas
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Other / Death Folk / Comedy

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Minneapolis, MN