Fely Tchaco / Press

“Fely Tchaco took "I Know What I Know" to a different but sympathetic corner of the vast African continent — her native Ivory Coast — dancing as well as singing,”

“Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ Gets Royal Treatment”

“Fely Tchaco, 2012 Independent Music Awards Winner!”

“I feel there is a great story behind this song and also that the music and dance style is not known to many people yet.”

“FELY TCHAO is nominated among an eclectic mix of established artists and artists on the rise including Bruce Cockburn (Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album), Ellis Marsalis (Concept Album and Cover Song), ... Drawing from her own life's experience as well as folk wisdom, Ivory Coast singer songwriter FELY TCHACO embodies the new generation of artists_ who remain attached to their African heritage, while at the same time maintaining a resolutely modern outlook on the world. "GOBA" the opener of her new CD "MATURITE", immediately draws you into her world, hinting of pops and blues melded with African roots in a contemporary sound. "GOBA" is West African polyrhythms in dialogue with the world! ”

“Taste Of Music! A Tribute To Fely Tchaco By A Fan”

“Fely Tchaco finalist in the world music category, Intertantional Songwrting Competition”

“Musik: Nu är den kattlika Fely här igen! Av ABISSIRI FOFANA (översättning Cathrine Comber)”

“Fely Tchaco music review by Inside World Music.”