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“fellerband is an indie folk rock band from Germany. They achieve that rare combination of intelligent lyrics and music that is rich with neither overpowering the other. The songs are positive and upbeat with both Folk themes and Rock riffs. Their is a lot of diversity on this album "We will cross this bridge together". "Stop Deceiving My Heart" is a classic rock song. "Behind Your Shadow" is a love song. "Geronimo’s Children" and "The Battle of Gallow Hill" both have the consciousness raising aspects of the best folk songs. "Night of the Caravan" is as catchy as a pop song but with more substance than most pop songs have. "A Seducer Called Love" is moody and atmospheric. It’s possibly my favorite but there is definitely something for everyone on this wonderful album. fellerband is a band you will be hearing a lot more of. I will be reviewing another of their albums soon. You can learn more about Fellerband and order their music at their website here and find them on Facebook here”

“wicked tight playing on these tunes, and diggin the catchy, rockin energy of "how lucky" and great sing-a-long hook for "night of the caravan"..can just imagine you guys going off when you play live!! Very cool music! ”

“…Fellerband are from Germany, and are big across Europe. They’d approached me in February looking for a gig on their forthcoming UK tour in April 2012. Fellerband played Whittles on a what would normally have been a quiet Tuesday night, 17th April. In the preceding weeks I’d been playing their CD’s. On a freezing cold, blowing a gale night, takings were over three times my normal Tuesday, and Fellerband had the punters genuinely jumping around, dancing, cheering and yelling for more, chucking loads of money… They describe themselves a rockabilly/folkabilly/indie. My punters describe them as “The German Clannad”, and can’t wait for them to be back here again in October. http://www.reverbnation.com/fellerband I can promise you it’s a cracking nights entertainment – rocka-folka-indie-abilly Middle of the Road/Clannad style genre, with the volume level right – from a cracking set of artists. Go on their websites and just play some of their music.”

“OK...Done...I was totally impressed with "A Seducer Called Love"!!! The chord progression in "Behind Your Shadow" is awesome!!! Who came up with that progression or did you do it as a band?...Just curious...I get an Irish/Scottish feeling throughout 3 of the songs...I hope you don't consider that as offensive, in fact as far as I'm concerned it's a compliment... To sum up you are a great band in my opinion... Thanks for the friendship... Tony Oakes... Flattened Squirrels...”

Tony Oakes - Flattened Squirrels

"...I hear elements of bands such as The Strawbs, Gerry Rafferty, FOS Brothers, Fairport Convention and Ralph McTell in there! It is really refreshing, open and uplifting music with a beauty and a deceptive simplicity, all linked by great musicians, a real passion and a "joy" in the music. Wonderful".