FeelFree / Press

“Wanted to share some music from a Washington DC based Reggae-Rock band FeelFree. Check out couple of my favorite tracks from the band "Popcorn & Alcohol" and "Good Folk". Couldn't help but pick the smooth tracks! The band just released their new EP entitled The Ebb Tide, available for free download at www.feelfree703.com. Hopefully see more good things from these guys in the future!”

“Another band with Alexandria roots, FeelFree will be opening for Virginia Coalition at this Saturday's concert at the 9:30 Club.”

“July has been a good month for Alexandria based reggae band FeelFree: they were named DC Deli’s band of the month and have begun their first East Coast tour. They will be back in the DMV for their final performance of the summer on Aug. 2, at Jammin’ Java.”

"FeelFree rocks a sold-out show at the 9:30 club December 22nd"

“Feel Free is ready to break loose from “de pen.” So it is always a pleasure to promote local roots reggae on the DC-based Midnight Raver Blog. I saw these guys a few weeks ago at the Del Ray Music Festival and I offered to showcase their stuff on the blog. Two things that really struck me about these guys: guitars and horns, two instruments that are missing from reggae right now. These guys have killer horns and guitars, in fact two lead guitarists who shred. There is so much sound coming from such a little band. They have an incredible sound and vibe.”

"Alexandia's own FeelFree come forward with some sweet soothing chunez, and this brand new one, "Good Folk" is no exception! settle back, churn up the speaks, and let this one soothe your soul. NICE stuff FeelFree! Extra clean, great production, incredible musicianship! "

"These guys filled the streets of Del Ray with some sweet, sweet reggae during last year's Music Week. They'll be playing the Festival this year!"

“FeelFree Alexandria’s newest homegrown band has their biggest intown show at the fifth annual Del Ray Music Festival on Saturday, June 25”

“FeelFree’s sound is an amalgam of many different genres”