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“FEDERAL LIGHTS Carbon Label: Independent ★★★★ Carbon, by Winnipeg’s Federal Lights, is a solid EP. The songs feature an eclectic mix of instrumentation and emotionality, making it a great listen. I Woke Up kicks things off with a great round of raucous “na-na-nas.” What seems like an ode to the morning after a night of debauchery has Jean-Guy Roy exclaiming he’s “done it again,” with a chorus of “I’m not alright” and lamenting a headache. I’m a sucker for glockenspiel, so the use of the elementary school favourite throughout the EP is music to my ears. Just like we fought over who got to play this instrument in music class, my ears are fighting over which track is my favourite. I really dig I Don’t Mind’s powerful chorus with Roy’s perfectly gravelly voice and punch of organ. Weight Of Us Both has some beautiful piano that moves into a great build, and the song continues as an emotional instrumental for the rest of the track, which may just make it m”

“★★★★1/2 Federal Lights Carbon (Independent) www.federallights.org When Jean-Guy Roy started Federal Lights a couple years ago, it was a solo effort, a way back into making music after the disbandment of his former band, The Morning After. Carbon contains more than one element, however, as Roy enlists the help of bassist Rob Mitchell, drummer David Pankratz and his wife, keyboardist/vocalist Jodi Roy. The result is a full-sounding and fantastic debut EP. On Camera, Mitchell’s steady bass and Roy’s gruff delivery achieve total synthesis, while the combination of happy-sounding keyboard and melancholic lyrics on I Woke Up totally works. Warm, atmospheric songs with big, memorable choruses, Carbon is pure organic chemistry. – Jared Story”

“But the impact of this particular space on Roy’s music goes deeper yet. Beyond forcing him to wear slippers and stay focused, the room resonates, literally, on every track that Roy records there - an essence de storage froid, perhaps.”

"Federal Lights, a chillingly good new local group"

Nicholas Friesen - Uptown Magazine

“Life after The Morning After. Formerly of the aforesaid Niverville rock band, Jean-Guy Roy is back with Federal Lights, a new solo project from the Winnipeg-based musician. "I started it last August or September," Roy says. "The Morning After had ended about two years prior to that. I’m married, I had some kids and I was extremely busy with that kind of stuff, but after two years I had enough of not playing music, so I decided to try a few things with some old friends. I tried to rehash some stuff but nothing seemed to be working out. Trying to schedule with four or five guys wasn’t working, and a couple of my friends said, ‘Why don’t you just do something on your own?’"......”

"Federal Lights is the perfect example of an "established" local act. Not necessarily in the number of shows played or records sold, but in their mature and realistic approach to music; writing something someone can relate to and playing for the love of it." - Pamela Roz

Pamela Roz - 92.9 Kick Fm

“For the players in that scene, NMW provides plenty of barrier-breaking opportunities; Federal Lights, a new project from singer/songwriter/guitar slinger Jean-Guy Roy (ex-Morning After), is just one band that has made its live debut at NMW. "(The series) is great because as a new band you often find yourself struggling to get that first gig, with clubs wanting to book bands that draw and, being a new band, you may not know anyone else that’ll give you an opening slot," Roy says. "NMW’s purpose is for exactly these new bands." ”

“This is the stuff you put on an hour or two after all the guests have gone home and you want a soundtrack for being alone. Or abandoned. Winnipegger Jean-Guy Roy works some of the same ground tilled so productively over the years by Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor: quietly electric, emotionally unguarded, and so thick with regret, you’d need a hoe to cut through it. (From Carbon)”

“Like a supergroup of Winnipeggers, Federal Lights shine on Radio 3 with "I Woke Up", a charming harmonious indie-pop affair. Featuring members from The Morning After, The Attics and Quinzy, the group takes elements from their previous endeavours to a new focal point, with glowing guitars, shimmering vocals and a slew of sparkling sonic accents that come together to form an incandescent experience that's both rousing and soothing all at once.”

“Winnipeg’s Federal Lights did live up to the quote above. Absolutely loved the juxtaposition between the driving guitars and bass, and the perfect elegance of the keyboards. Even the band members are in congruence, the rugged guitarists and drummer in sharp contrast to the thin, tall blonde female on keys (further research indicates the frontman and keyboardist are married). At the end of their set, I described them as “sunuvabitch good”. That comment still stands. I made sure to grab an EP before I left. “Carbon”. $5. Might get a workout on the drive back to Edmonton on Thursday.”