“This band comes to the world from their roots in Flushing, New York and takes something of a backhanded "have a nice day" disposition to their band personage. Fear is Dead apologize to no one; nor should they have to.”

“I’ll probably get flak for this, but I think the passion and energy in metal music is too often misdirected. All too frequently the spotlight is on death and the End and skulls and blood. Sure, all of those are deep and important subjects, but, you know, sometimes I wish more bands focused their attention on the here and now, on living. We can be deep and powerful and still be working toward something positive, can’t we? Well, Fear Is Dead seems to be answering my question with a resounding “yes”. Their central themes are taking responsibility for our lives, not letting fear rule us, saying what we mean, doing what we want and not turning away from our dreams. Their album is a surprisingly forward-thinking, in-the-moment, articulate compilation. Sometimes they come across as more of a rock band and there’s some material in the middle which begs to be classified as rap rather than metal, but the passion, the tone, drips with metal.”

“On their eponymous five-track debut, NYC quartet Fear is Dead display a dynamic amalgamation of hip-hop and hard rock. Even though the rap-rock genre has been run into the ground, this squad adroitly avoids pitfalls from the past by combining a rash of tough as nails riffs (“Undead”), driving grooves from a monster rhythm section, and a strong and skillful flow on the microphone with a catchy and convincingly assertive cadence that meshes the imminence of Atmosphere with the earnest of Everlast (“Labor Pains”). Exhibiting solid compositions delivered with a confrontational sense of empowerment, Fear is Dead breathe much needed life into a fading style with a proper balance of head bobbing hard rock and brooding hip hop. www.fearisdead.bandcamp.com”