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“On Fear Control’s debut release, Conviction, they proved they are as capable as any other metal band out there. Capable, however, is simply the price of admission to the big boys table, the question is where do you go from there? The Monster, the new EP from Fear Control, is an exercise in growth. In the place of “heavy riff, yell, yell, catchy chorus, yell, yell, breakdown, catchy chorus, heavy riff,” Fear Control experiments with melding sub-genres into cohesive units. With The Monster, Fear Control made a bold move in not simply copying what they knew they could already do well; more bands, in all genres, need to do exactly that. Fear Control has the raw talent to create something truly lasting and special. If they keep pushing their boundaries, stretching beyond the confines of a genre that has held itself back, their next release might be the new Master of Reality that this genre so desperately needs.”

“Fear Control does thrash metal right. Presented in its original TRUE and undiluted form. From their heart racing, pulse stomping tracks of “Masks” and “Until The Suffering” all the way to the end. Party and alcohol enthusiasts now have their own anthem with “Texas Tea” as the lyrics commence with the encouragement of “Chug! Chug! Chug!”, and why not??? Fear Control is all about being with your best friends and ultimately just having a good time. Hardcore, face melting, pit moshing, head-banging good time. Any self respecting metal fan (particularly if they enjoy thrash) would do well to add this album to their collection. If you are in the central Texas area, find your way to one of their live shows. The atmosphere explodes with this album being played fucking raw and live.”

“Ok, have some fear because, Fear Control's new EP, "The Monster," is an aggressive, riff filled, banging EP. This EP is all that you can ask for and more. Plain and simple, I love the album. Austin, TX is home to all sorts of great music, and Fear Control, is right at the top of that list. "The Monster," is a five track metal punch in the face, combining great melodies and intense hardcore. My two favorite tracks on the album are the the double bass fueled, "Masks" and the straight forward metal masterpiece, "Until The Suffering." That being said, there isn't a bad tack on, "The Monster." With a Bro-Metal rating of, 9.5/10, "The Monster," is a must have EP, by a band that might just be the next big thing in metal. Have no fear, "The Monster" is here. Well, have some fear.”

“After hearing their 2013 E.P. “Conviction“, we here at TMF collectively agree that no band in the underground today is better suited to spearhead this second NWOAHM to the masses than Fear Control. In describing their sound, Trivium immediately comes to mind, and for good reason. From the double bass kicks that drive the ferociously catchy choruses to the ear-splittingly killer dual guitar melodies and trotting riffs, the comparison is an easy one to make. However, and I stress this over everything else, I have never heard Trivium and caught any sense of overwhelming Thrash elements like I do with Fear Control. This is a band that will honor the legacy and way paving of the bands that clearly influenced so much of their sound, while all together challenging and furthering their sound. We truly cant wait to see what these cats have in store for the world.”

“FEAR CONTROL actually never disappoints when performing live on stage. The newer material that they are playing now is catchy in a sense that it grabs you and throws you against the wall a few times before slamming you back down on the ground and into the pit. I think the band is getting harder, heavier, and producing a lot more of an edgy sound. And it is actually thrilling. It definitely sets a tone and a mood. And I think that is what I like about music that I listen to. Certain bands set certain moods. FEAR CONTROL sets a mood to keep the night alive and well. It is nearly a party atmosphere.”

“The energy was high and rocking, explosive octane as a pit got started EARLY!! It was the release that many SXSW music fans were looking for all day long. What I am saying is that FEAR CONTROL took the night and became king of the hill for Wednesday the 18th. I was really impressed with the fact that FEAR CONTROL was really able to duplicate their sound from the Saturday before to that setting. So you know that the band is for real. Every ounce of it that comes pouring from their blood, sweat, and tears.”

“Fear Control came up on the stage next. With an energetic sound check, here is another band that jumped on it like it WAS their business! Awesome job here with the performance all around. Fear Control actually made a 'show' of the stage time. With a couple of light boxes for the guitarist and drummer using for effect and lead singer/guitarist that more than held his own. The crowd ate this shit up! Getting a mosh pit started this early in the night with the ever growing crowd, only proved that Fear Control knew how to take control. Great metal, great vocals and 'piss off' attitude had Fear Control owning the stage for their designated set time.”

“They're fast. They're heavy. Screaming is amazing. Singing is actually really good. It doesn't sound like a little emo kid crying about not getting a Cadillac Escalade for Christmas. They're really, really talented. I suggest you check them out.”

“I had never heard this kind of metal before. At least not live. Fear Control got up there and everything was passion-fueled and full throttle, balls to the wall heavy metal music. Their headbanging style was incredible. Their musical abilities and talents were beyond what I had even thought possible."”

“These guys are complete from top to bottom, Vocals are brutal, Guitars are fucking brilliant and drums are on point.”

“The vocals are exactly what I love to hear, a mixture of scream and clean vocals that makes for a unique but understandable vocalist. Love it. This is great work here, especially when the chorus comes in and the entire group joins in, really cool. Keep up the greatwork!! I'll be finding and fanning these guys elsewhere!!””

"You guys sound very professional and I might've just found a new favorite band, without a doubt one of the best on here that i've heard.You guys have great skill and the back up vocals go in perfect harmony with the lead singers voice and the lyrics aren't very....inspiring... but they aren't repetitive and annoying. Great job guys! 10”

"This band has extremely high potential. They sound like Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium had a baby."

"A fast drum beat and guitar riffs, with a drumbeat like a heart attack and guitars that shoot through your veins like ice. The lyrics growl at you like a dog in a cage fight."

"Fans of heavy metal will love the vocalists tune and his natural approach to making their song stand out from any other in the genre.”

"The drums and the guitar are on point. I think this artist has potential to do well in the genre.”

“This is my first show and I am stoked as all hell to have you guys playing it! I'm a fan of you guys on ReverbNation, you all are, in a word, phenomenal!”

“Out of all the bands i shot that night your photos looked the best. You guys have an awesome stage presence and really know how to put on a show!”

John Winters - River Oak Photography