Fayssoux Starling McLean / Press

"Hell on a poor boy" showcases Fayssoux's voice perfectly dragging the listener into her world of superb music.

“Produced by Peter Cooper — who discovered McLean in the mid-'90s while working on his book, “Hub City Music Makers,” the new album is a stunning collection of traditional folk, old-time gospel and vintage country. It includes two McLean-penned originals as well as songs by longtime friends such as Rodney Crowell, Paul Craft and local favorite David Ezell.”

“Sophisticated yet disarmingly charming, Fayssoux exudes both confidence and humility in her performance and persona. She leads you down the roads of your childhood to the freeways of adult life, plucking the strings of life’s struggles and triumphs while reminding you that love is the key to it all.”

"Charm, elegance, whipoorwills and Magnolia dewdrops: these are the things that come to mind when I hear Fayssoux sing."

Rodney Crowell

"I've always loved Fayssoux's singing. She has one of my favorite voices."

Emmylou Harris