“FAULTLINE to tour the US with ORGY in 2012 in support of the "Bad Blood Tour."”

“FAULTLINE welcomes Official Sponsorship from DEATH GRIP CLOTHING!”

"Man, that's a great recording! You guys did an awesome job! Sounds very contemporary too. I hope you guys sell MILLIONS!!! Well done..."

"FAULTLINE proudly endorses King Kong Cases on tour."

“Derek Chittenden is endorsed by Ernie Ball Music Man, Dean Markley Strings, Jim Dunlop USA, Hardwire/Digitech and Gravity Guitar Picks.”

"Jarrod Hoover is proud to announce his endorsements with Jim Dunlop USA, MXR, & TTS Hand Made Pickups."

“Doc Capocelli endorses Ernie Ball Music Man Basses and Dean Markley Strings.”

“Drummer Jon Ward is endorsed by Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals and now has his own signature drum stick through Vater Drum Sticks.”