fatima lily / Press

“As I listen to Fatima Lily’s album for the first time, many influences become apparent: Sade, Sara McGlaughlin, Erika Badu. No matter who you think of when you hear one of her songs, you are able to discern the scope of this fledgling talent.”

“Fatima is a nice combination of surface and soul. While Fatima says that during production of her “First Album” there were, “No boys allowed!” she is trying to extend beyond the boundaries of her solo performances.”

“My personal favorites come from the top of the que. “A E I Oh, You” is a smokey, sultry end-of-love song and then flipping the coin “Anything for You” follows, a pop-ish yearning love song. Whichever song of Fatima’s you find hits the spot, look forward to hearing more from this talented singer/songwriter.”

“Some think they can.. some even can a little bit.. Fatima Lily Can. Period. Full Stop!”

The Kitchen Poet- ReverbNation Artist