Father Jah / Press

“Father Jah’s latest album is a true testament to what hip hop should really be about in time when creativity is all but dead. Thoughts Of A Modern Day Mastermind is a cohesive body of work that touches on a number of relevant topics including politics, crime, and education all while sticking to a very street oriented existence. A few more albums like this and Father Jah will very soon be mentioned amongst the likes of Lupe Fiasco or Talib Kweli except he should have way more street credibility.”

“This is street music for sure but dude can actually rap. He's got charisma & plays with his style & that keeps things interesting. The beats are heavy on the keyboard side so if you hate that you might not like it. I heard a couple drum breaks on there & sample loop but that's about it. The tape isn't all about Jah though. There's a good list of other people on here but the only one I recognize is Shon D. Truthfully, Father Jah outshines everyone else though. ”