Fatback Circus / Press

“Their sound could be lumped into many genres, but we like to call them avant-garde bluegrass. Fatback Circus' stage personality is even kookier than their sound, as they stray against writing songs that are "normal." Fatback's earlier work is full of bouncy love songs that layer jazzy "mmm-tah" bass lines with Nathan's soaring vocals, but the band's latest album, Dark World, is dark and redeeming. They tend to group a cornucopia of varying songs onto one disc, much like a Ween album. Other major influences include Primus, Tom Waits, Smashing Pumpkins and Elliott Smith.”

“Too lazy to find something original on your own? Don't worry, we've managed to find a band you may not have heard of but should definitely lend your ears to. Fatback Circus is a four-piece menagerie of rock, jazz, funk and spunk birthed from the sleepy town of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Though their home is here in Austin, their songs are still lurking among the slew of fame yet to be discovered here. Their sound could be classified into many genres, but we like to call them avant-garde bluegrass. Their stage personality is even kookier than their sound (check out their videos for a sneak peak).”

"Fatback Circus–Dark World: You wouldn’t think that a mix of jazz, funk and rock with be born in a small, quiet town of Stillwater Oklahoma, but it happened. Now in Austin, they have put out a new album, Dark World, featuring this four-piece bluegrass-ish group. They have earned a reputation for having quite a stage presence in addition to playing great, relatively undiscovered music.Check out “Back in Love,” a sultry mellower tune which is jazzy and reflects a bit on the love of love. Unlike their previous album, Dark World is a bit of a new breath that Fatback Circus decided to take. It has a heavier tone speaking about break ups and working late and debuts their approach in their ability to evolve musically and lyrically. 5.0 McRiprock’s"

Hux - Austin Daze