Fatal Thirteen / Press

"Metal and rap collide in a big burst of gore! 'Music From The Soundproof Torture Chamber' is pounding horror rock that is both haunting and aggressive. First to last track, it's a go-for-the-throat nightmare funhouse for your ears. Recommended!"

- Eric Stanze, director of SCRAPBOOK, DEADWOOD PARK, and RATLINE

“With obvious props to Rob Zombie, John Carpenter scores, Midnight Syndicate and 3-6 Mafia, Fatal Thir13en rhymes from the sharp side of a knife on cuts about killing, torture, bleeding to death, snuff films and, well, you get the bent. With their programmed psychosis, heavy ass guitars and a sound that never sits still long enough to pin down, Fatal Thir13en deserve credit for stretching the hip-hop vibe over an intestinal crank and letting all the gross sounds leak out. By the end of the disc you'll probably feel all this snuff is enough, but there are an abundance o chainsaws, dentist drills and other whizzing instruments of dismemberment to qualify Music from the Soundproof Torture Chamber as exactly that. 3 out of 5 skull and crossbones”

Tomb Dragomir - Rue Morgue Magazine