"Fatal Sinz managed to put together a bangin’ album with hard street anthems like the track “Go Back”. With hard beats and fire lyrics, Fatal Sinz is guaranteed to have you fienin’ for a new album. The song “Fight Night” gives you a clear look into the minds of a real DMV soldier. The Sinz bring that drama.."

"a talented hip-hop wrecking crew from the nation's capital who are looking to propel themselves to the national spotlight..."

“Welcome to the Washington, DC Hip Hop Drunk Driving Prevention Digital Cd! This cd is more than great music. For the first time in history free music is being used as a vehicle to spread drunk driving prevention awareness. Did You know the number one killer...”

“Music Money Mixtapes – The Canadian Mixtape Authority: @FATALSINZ ... New Video from Fatal Sinz check it out!”

““What U Got 2 Offer?“: smash the rest of the competition and capture that feature spot. "While Sullee used different tactics and chose to take the higher road with his rap, Fatal Sinz keeps it straight for the streets, as they give us three bangers to hit the club with...." ”