Fatal Lucciauno / Press

“..the guy has the most commanding stage presence in the scene, the swagger of a general, and a hellafied heart, a palpable quality, immediately recognizable… the Corner crowd was locked right in- going patently nutso during his raucous songs including several new joints that sounded incredible”

““The most talked about rapper in Seattle right now is Fatal Lucciauno””

Jonathan Zwickel - Seattle Times

“One of the most refreshing and original albums to hit the Hip Hop scene in a long time with fresh, original, gritty and real lyricism combined with the unique but reminiscent of Scarface and Nas voice of Fatal Lucciauno, make this an album to own.”

Ya Heard Music Reviews

“No other album had the flow, the punch lines, the production, and most importantly, the heart of Fatal's debut album. This album not only cemented Fatal as a fuckin' force to be reckoned with, it forever sealed Sportn' Life Records' rep as THE label for street-minded hiphop from the 6.”

Larry Mizell, JR - The Stranger - Best Solo Album

“With a flow which sounds something like Shyne meets Lloyd Banks, plus an enormous chip on his shoulder, Fatal L. is here to keep hustling like a true rap Don.”

“Poetic, potent, hard-hitting hip-hop from an artist with solid street credentials, amazing freestyling skill and a powerful drive for self-expression. ”