FastBoy / Press

“Valentines is over, but the season of love is all year round. So Mumbai rapper Sreejit 'FastBoy' Nair of The Proto-Types, has another track out, this time a true story on a love he had, but could not get. Rhyming over the harmony and aalaps of Jitesh and Harsha's voices, the rapper switches flow from English to Hindi from verse to verse and in between in the track titled 'Gave You My Loving Heart Away'. 'Gave You My Loving Heart Away' is off FastBoy's upcoming album 'Viciously Dangerous' which is set to drop later this year (around October). Also look out for the video of this track, expected soon, as well as a sequel to the song.”

“Up next is Sreejit Fast Boy Nair. As his name suggests, he rushes over some syllables in his flow, then relaxes them as he slides over the mellow instrumental of his track 'Meri Zindagi', often switching with no warning from English to Hindi and back again. On the hook, Manasi provides the vocals of a cooperative lady that's down with the rapper, so at least we have a track of a dude getting somewhere with romance, not just pleading with a mean chick. Bump the tune, let it relax your mind, body and soul, and if you dig it, Saturday is the day to come back to Bombayhiphop.com and cast your vote for Fastboy in the Valentines Love King Contest 2013.”

“It saw a participation of 9 participants for the final stage round that was conducted in FD-2 QT. It was amazing to see that India has got so much of potential when it comes to rapping. Everyone was unique in their own way. One guy for example caught everyone's eyes with his rapping that he dedicated to his father who had expired earlier this year. With fierce aggressiveness their rapping, it was a competition to watch. The best thing that I personally noticed in this event was the attitude that the participants exhibited. It was filled with confidence and zeal. Fastboy emerged as the ultimate winner in a competition that was very very close.”

“In a competition which was always bound to spring a surprise or two, it was Mumbai rapper Sreejit, better known as Fastboy, who claimed the spoils at the second edition of the BITS Pilani hosted event ‘Rap Wars’ yesterday (Sunday 4th November) during the ‘Oasis’ cultural fest. Fastboy eventually emerged victorious in the final against Lyrical Genesis and he still sounded thrilled about it when we spoke to him. He told us “It felt amazing to win, especially with judges like Brodha V and Smokey whom I respect so much and look up to. More than anything else, it’s the belief that this victory has given me, which makes me feel like I truly can go on and become one of the country’s best if I work hard. I feel like I can achieve a lot more, and I’m going to work and make sure I do.” etc.”

“Ask any old school hip-hop head and he’ll tell you the same thing – the younger kids in hip-hop know not of the soul of the genre and culture. But Mumbai MC Fastboy adds his blow towards shattering such perceptions by dropping his latest track ‘Gotta Be Strong.’ In a heartfelt song about the demise of his father, Sreejith ‘Fastboy’ Nair touches upon all the different aspects of disbelief, loss and grief that he’s had to face due to the misfortune faced by his family. While we do generally add a comment or two about the music we share on Zomba, we’d like to refrain from critical assessment of a track this deep and that means so much more than the average song. May Mr. Nair’s soul RIP.”