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Farzad Golpayegani / Press

“.. After a brief overview of the history of underground music in Iran, he speaks about his experience as an artist who unintentionally emerged as an underground musician primarily due to state limitations. He speaks about his varied and contradictory experiences in receiving state licenses for his albums.”

“Q1: When did you start making art? Like many other artists at very young age. My father use to be Graphic designer and Painter so I had the chance to grow up in artistic environment. Q2: What does inspire you? Almost everything. Although my creations come from my imagination and look Surreal but are influenced by anything from real life including World news, Politics, History, different Cultures and beliefs. Q3: What are your techniques? I Work both in Digital and Physical media and I’m always trying to experience new techniques, but at the same time I usually have some elements that give a personal character to my artworks. For instance I use cross-hatching a lot, and I get the advantage of this technique by Pen, Pencil, Marker or Digital Pen. I also use a lot of thin and watery colors and don’t fully cover the layers beneath while painting. Q4: What is the main idea or feeling behind your works? I try to avoid a particular subject for my works. My ideas are general and basic..”

“What is the name of your band? My name is “Farzad Golpayegani” and I’m a solo artist and I have released my albums under my own name. I also have my band which we perform live concerts called “Farzad G band”. How was the band formed?/Can you briefly introduce your band and who you are? I have had many musicians in my band during my career. I performed my first live performance with my band back in 2003. At beginning like many other musicians I collected band mates among friends. I also have invited some of talented guitar students of mine to play in my band. Other than me who I play Electric and Acoustic guitar and Violin, current band members consist of my long time friend “Ali Sanaei” who is an extremely talented and a genius in bass guitar, and also I’m glad to have another great friend and musician “Rameel Nissan” as Drummer and Percussionist who joined the band early 2013. What made you form the band? Obviously live performance plays a very important role in su”

“Farzad Golpayegani - Six: Farzad is an extremely skilled and talented musician from Iran. He names his albums and songs corresponding to their releases. Like his sixth album is titled “Six”. He is very underrated for the musician he is! The album completely has an Eastern vibe to it with a lot of orchestration\keys. Noodling more around the harmonic minor side. Farzad’s technique is perfect, wish I could learn from him. The album could have been higher on the list if only the songs were a little more different from each other with some diversity. But yes this album does deserve a spot on this list, and also a place in a guitarist’s CD collection.”

“Farzad Golpayegani, on his Iranian Prog/ Metal music and his new album. Z.Z: Those who would like to know you as an artist, can read your biography on your website (www.farzadonline.com) or read our older interviews with you on zirzamin's archives (Here), but let me start by asking you how it's going with the recordings of your next album "Three"? F.G: It's about 2 to 3 years that I have started working on this album and due to lack of time and the amount of works involved, I've not been able to finish the recordings yet. There is nothing much left on mixing and mastering. I think the album will be ready in a month. But I can't say anything firm about its release yet. I prefer to complete the works and then look for a suitable channel for the release. But I will have some parts of some tracks on the www.farzadonline.com.Z.Z: The next album includes only 3 compositions which are 17 min in length, each. Is it because you wanted to give a more Progressive profile to it? F.G:Yes, if t...”

“There are few guitar players and progressive rockers in Iran like Farzad Gholpayegani who are looking for different ways of crossing over the Technical Art Rock Music and Iranian Traditional Music philosophy as he does. I had an interview with Farzad Golpayegani and asked him about his music and the condition of rock music in Iran today. Z.Z: How can you describe your life as a rock musician in a country like Iran? Well in this country a rock musician must has a different job too or work for his own. In many cases rock musicians work on other styles (generally pop) but I don't believe in this way and I can't even stand that kind of music! At the present I work in a different profession (graphic design) and sometimes work on my songs. Z.Z: How does it feel, to be a musician and not getting permission to play your music? Seriously it's very hard and it really has changed my life. I consider myself so hardworking but I don't have permission to work. Z.Z: Have you ever applied...”

“FARZAD GOLPEYAGANI – TWO It's not often that I get to review a CD from Iran (ok then, never) so some background might be in order. Farzad Golpayegani was born in Teheran May 1979, son of the late Behzad Golpayegani (a noted painter and graphic designer). Farzad completed graduate studies in music and graphic arts (his fine paintings are used on the CD cover), and developed an interest in guitar in the mid-1990s. After some initial tuition, he started on a personal journey of improvisational discovery, pulling together various strands of influences to develop his own sound. This is his second album (duh), the first one being available in Iran only. Imagine if you will a virtually new species of psychedelia based on a 7-strng guitar style that sounds like a cross between the Mahavishnu Orchestra's John McLaughlin and the Black Sun Ensemble's Jesus Acedo, underpin it with Eastern tunings on acoustic instruments and apply those elements to Persian, Classical and Heavy Metal forms to...”

“Nachgefragt: Farzad Golpayegani/ Heavy Metal musician from Iran - Who are you? I am Farzad Golpayegani, I was born 1979 in Tehran/Iran. I'm a composer, musician, painter and graphic designer. I play 7string electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and violin. I have 3 full records in Iranian progressive metal genre so far, including music themes and background music of an Iranian game called "Nader's Blade" which I'm going to release it as an record too. Also I'm working on my forth record which is completely acoustic and fusion. And I've had some concerts inside and outside Iran so far. - You seem to be not the only one, who is involved in art in your family. Who else plays music, paints or does anything else within art? My late father use to be one of the leading modern artists in Iran. He was a graphic designer, painter and musician as well and he is mostly known as founder of temporary Iranian typography. It needs to be mentioned that I lost my father about 24...”

“Chasing the underground part 6 – The long hard road The underground music culture in Iran didn’t just emerge from nothing. It emerged in increments after years of repression and bureaucracy. And progressive metal guitarist Farzad Golpayegani knows better than most how difficult it was dealing with Iranian government. “I wasn’t very interested in being an underground artist but I have been pushed to be an underground artist because there hasn’t been any other way for me to play music,” Farzad says as we sit in his apartment in Istanbul. It’s a spartan room near Taksim Square, and Farzad’s musical equipment seems to take up most of the space. A long ponytail of dark hair and a pale face, Farzad is soft spoken and reserved – a surprise considering the intensity and energy of his metal music. Farzad became interested in metal music at a young age, and was the first artist to successfully gain a license from the Iranian government for a metal record. As we talk in h”

“THE PROGRESSIVE STATE OF IRAN, IN MUSIC : Reviews of Iranian progressive music : Farzad Golpayegani Farzad Golpayegani : One (IR,rec.2002,pub.2004)****' Farzad is a graphic designer with a deep interest in music. This album he describes himself as an Instrumental Fusion-Metal album, but I personally want to say his music style goes way beyond this description. As a guitarist and composer, here he definitely sets out an intelligent, conscious and crafted vision on guitar driven instrumental music. He has a great technical ability in playing the 7 string Electric Guitar, he uses eastern tunings for Acoustic Guitar, mixes easily different Persian styles from flamenco-like or Persian classical origin with metal and progressive rock. The recordings are built up around two guitars mostly (both electric or electric with acoustic), electric bass, drums and some Persian percussion. The percussion is not played live but is composed and played by computer programming in a way that it is...”

“FARZAD GOLPAYEGANI: “Two” (Clearspot) A little search on Google, brought me to Farzad's website and there I learned he was born in May 1979 in Iran . He is son of late Behzad Golpayegani (Painter & Graphic Designer 1938-1985). Farzad is graduated in graphic and works in the fields of Music and Visual Art. What would happen if you were to combine the industrial chugging sounds of Fear Factory, the jazz fusion parts of an Al Di Meola and some eastern psych a la Erkin Koray and add a fretboard masturbation of Yngwie Malmsteen to the whole? I guess you'd probably end up with a style which is very reminiscent of Farzad's latest offering “Two” . This release mixes lots of different styles, from metal to jazz to classical to cajun and back again, a complete fusion of styles here. 11 original tracks, with fine guitar playing mixed with sequenced backing, which makes for a rather enjoyable listen. I will give Farzad credit. He is extremely talented and a great player. He also h”

“Music Without Borders - Interview: Farzad Golpayegani Farzad Golpayegani is an Iranian born musician, composer and visual artist. His music seamlessly blends progressive metal and rock with the traditional sounds of the music of his home country. He is also a visual artist and graphic designer. He has released 3 cds so far and another is in progress. Due to the difficulty in getting his music to the wider world from Iran, all of his music is available for free on his website. Farzad has also just relocated to Istanbul, Turkey. Hopefully this will give him more to share his music with the world. He was kind enough to do this email interview with me just after his move. Please be sure to visit his website. • Your music blends Iranian influences with western-style prog and metal. Was this natural for you to do? It had been my idea since I started to compose my own songs. Personally I enjoy many different genres and I have tried to blend my favorite styles including Iranian tradition.”

“Planet Metal: Farzad Golpayegani / Currently Turkey. Sounds like: Guitar hero playing progressive metal with Middle Eastern elements www.farzadonline.com”