“Hey, your music sounds incredible!!! it is exactly what i need and i really can't get enough of it. stay wicked and take care!!! darkest greetings, bites & kisses from sisa”

Sisa - kummerfeld, DE

“ Hell yeah !! You do have a bit of the 80's Metal feel but you are kiickass and sounding GREAT !!!!”

From: CCR

“'NYMPHOMANIAC' got debuted on VRadio on TJ's New Music Cafe(U.S).”

“'Nymphomaniac' is one of the best thrash I've heard coming out of India! You've got new fans over here outside of New York City and we're recommending you to all our fans. Keep up the great work - we can't wait to hear more!!!!!!”

Infinition - Hartford/New London, CT, US

“FARRAGO,You guys are a wall of sound.I am really impressed my friends.I appreciate talent and you all play together like a glove.Have a good day.God Bless!”


“Jorhat based Thrash metal act FARRAGO have messed with conventions and married the heaviest to the hookest.And the world it seems,is finally warming up to their eccentric ways.It's almost inspirational,if not stirring,how they menifest such sway and ambitiousness through the framework of their demos,even as the slapdash production tries to strip it down of its essence.with a magniloquent stage act,the Jorhat bunch has been building quite the standing for their live performances,having impacted arenas around the city and beyond.Although their songwritings kowtows to a mass of clinches,FARRAGO,by the end of it all sounds gallant and bold.”

“Farrago are a Thrash Metal/Experimental band from Guwahati, founded in the year 2010, and ever since they have been going from strength to strength. For instance they have had some great gigs and made some ambitious demos in their continuous search for perfection.Their growing popularity in such a short span of time, definitely merits a review.Farrago has a unique blend of thrill and optimism. Their tracks are catchy, freakish and full of energy. I am eagerly awaiting their album's release and I wish to hear a lot more from them.”

“For those of you classic Thrash Metal freaks out there who are unaware of Farrago, you're missing out on something folks! The band originally formed in June 2010 with an aim to fuse different genres like heavy, thrash and power metal to create their own original sound. They've also been noticed internationally as they have signed on with US based label Igzordium Records. The band recently released two of their songs "Nymphomaniac" and "Beast of Revelation". Nymphomaniac starts with a classic heavy metal riff paving way for a bone chilling growl at the end of it. Any listener, on their first time, would have expected them to continue the growling. But no, the track suddenly changes, and Biswajeet's power vocals heavily influenced by Rob Halford.The part which defines the song, however, is the guitar solo which coping with classic thrash metal standards is long and quite melodic.Overall, I would say, very good compositions for a band yet to release their first EP.”

“'FARRAGO'- You got a very good unique and distinct killer metal sound, keep it up......”

Evil Genius - Reverbnation artist