Farehaven / Press

“ Special to Metromix Some bands are content to steer away from the spotlight, while others like West Chester trio Farehaven crave it. Guitarist and lead singer David Sizemore formed the band in high school, then revived the group with a new lineup consisting of drummer Dan Durrant and bassist Rob Jamison in 2010 (Corey Glass replaced Jamison last summer). They released their debut record, “Upside Down,” in January 2011. ”

“ Most bands meet when they are in high school or through a mutual friend of a friend. Not Farehaven. The band, which was conceived by vocalist/guitarist David Sizemore, formed straight from a musician’s classified section. After recording a few demos by himself, Sizemore realized he was going to need a band to start playing live shows. “I put an ad in CityBeat looking for a drummer and a bass player,” said Sizemore, of West Chester Twp., who placed the ad in 2010. “I figured I could record demos by myself, but it just didn’t feel complete without a band. I wanted to play live.” After trying out a few people, who Sizemore said were a bit less passionate about the music than he was, Sizemore was contacted by drummer Dan Durrant and Durrant’s friend Rob Jamison, a bass player, who both were from the Harrison area.With a determined band. Also, last summer, Jamison quit the band to be an EMT. He was replaced by a bassist Corey Glass. ”

"Yes, I know, I know! Cincinnati,Ohio is nowhere near North Jersey,but my lawyer recently sent me a press kit of a new band he’s working with,and I actually thought they were pretty good. In fact,I’d love to see these guys perform in the NJ/NYC area very soon! That’s the reason why I am choosing to write about some out-of-towners because eventually,they will be performing in North Jersey and you can’t say that I didn’t tell you so! The name of the band is Farehaven and for a three-piece alternative rock band,they sounded pretty damn good! I got to hear songs like “Nobody Knows You”,“Caught In Your Trap”, “The Black Heart”,and the rifftastic “Upside Down”.Their hooks are infectious,and their songs are pretty well-written."

"Most 9-month-old bands are happy with a few really good rehearsals and a handful of successful gigs. The rockers of Cincinnati’s Farehaven had no interest in a lengthy incubation period when they coalesced last June." Brian Baker-CityBeat "Farehaven doesn’t fit comfortably in any single genre, as they borrow liberally from various styles to create an energetic Rock hybrid that works within a wide range of musical contexts. That flexibility will make them an excellent opening/multi-bill act going forward." Brian Baker- CityBeat