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Hey everyone I found out about this website because one of my buddies from Restless Seraph, I am not in a band though I do play guitar and I got a long way to go lol I joined because I want to make my art work known world wide someday so if any of you bands need an artist for yo... See Full Bio



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  • eMoFoXcHiLd (Fan) eMoFoXcHiLd
    'ello reverb nation! the summers hot but it's great! share your amazing stories with me ;D hey maybe bring out some art work to design all your music albums. cheerios <3
  • eMoFoXcHiLd (Fan) eMoFoXcHiLd
    Yo! omg! it is almost here, graduation! ;3 Of course my buddies from Restless Seraphs is graduating along with me <3 Yay! well, just posting up new pics in my photos, che...
  • eMoFoXcHiLd (Fan) eMoFoXcHiLd
    :P Yo! I found some song lyrics from other bands like my fav. Linkin Park <3 cheerios loves
  • eMoFoXcHiLd (Fan) eMoFoXcHiLd
    :P Yo! Besides drawing for peoples albums I might------post my singing, I'm practicing by singing other songs I know sooo maybe some day if I get real good, hopefully I'll...
  • eMoFoXcHiLd (Fan) eMoFoXcHiLd
    Hey People, its Ash <3 I would love to draw up some pic for your albums ;D haha catch me on facebook: Ash D. Sloan or wattpad.com: emofoxchild or ashemotechnogirl@gmail.com
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