T. Smith / Press

“Smooth Hip Hop Style Synth Keyboard Technique introduces the composition but is shortly supplanted by TWO Superb Vocals. Vocal #1--> Is a Lyrically Sung Chorus( actually done as a Duet at times) which gives the song its "Pop" Accent. Vocal #2-->Is a Female Rap that is Eloquently delivered and Intelligently Themed. The manner of execution may remind some Listeners of Mainstream Music's --Dana Owens better known as Queen Latifah, as she sounded in her early days.”

“A surprisingly Good Music Experience awaits Listeners in this album! Although be forewarned a couple of words qualify as Explicit Lyrics( they absolutely DO NOT Detract from the quality or performance). ”


“Lick The lollipop is that new genre we have been needing from the LGBT community and its for all ages. I love it”



T.Smith - superman