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"Best New Voice In Rock-n-Roll author: WESTY CLEARCHANNEL RADIO BINGHAMTON,NY One Of The Best Albums Of 2008!"


"The only songs that separates a little is the acoustic based “Empty”. It’s a great tune, very suitable for any soundtrack or TV-series with a catchy melody that stuck at once.

-www.melodic.net - -www.melodic.net

“We are always eager to work with talented people, and once we met with Jon, we were hooked. look for Jon's video on your favorite video show or internet outlet. He's definitely one to watch" --Television 101”

--Television 101 - --Television 101

"‘Stronger’ is a well-built effort full of pop rock elements sure to captivate and impress fans of not only Seven Wiser but fans of both the singer/songwriter genre and rock in general, ala Chris Daughtry, Fuel or Creed to name a few."

-Brian Campbell - buffaloathome.com