Fall To Zero / Press

"I've been in punk bands that were more metal than this band."

Ryan - Fall To Zero Guitarist...for now.

"That's the hardest music I've ever seen."

Bearded dude at Big Muddy Pub

"Some people are born with raw musical talent. Others, through hard work and dedication, become musical masters. Neither of those type of people are in this band."

STL Music Review Monthly-Bi-Quarterly

"Dude, that was actually better than I thought it would be."

Drummer from another band - Lemmons

"Their guitarist, you know, the Asian one, punched me."

Some douchebag at Fubar

"That was brutal. Bad @$$ dudes."

Spikey bracelet guy at Just Bill's

"How can you listen to that crap? I just can't do it man."

Dale Klunk

"I'm glad I could turn my hearing aid down."

Old Man Jenkins

"With music like theirs' who needs ears?"

Troy McClure

"Lou told me you guys would kick my @$$ but I didn't believe him. Then, you kicked my @$$."

Travis Douglas

"You guys suck."

Some drunk guy at Just Bill's

"They might not have a lot of fans or talent, and they don't really draw a crowd, but...uh...where was I going with this?"

The Dow Intelligentsia

"Dude, you guys are sick."

Some drunk guy at Pop's