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“Scoring points in both the uniqueness and songwriting department, Bastard Sons of a Pure Breed is a very promising start for Fallstaf. For something that could be entirely too hokey, Fallstaf should be flying the flag for brass metal for years to come. Definitely worth checking out.”


“entertaining and heavy and the trombone doesn't hurt at all. And with "Fuck The Fence", the band has created a super-catchy classic tune that will stick in your head for days...almost worth the price of admission alone.”

Wormwood Chronicles

“If your looking for something different, maybe strange but still very metal check out FALLSTAF. My fav songs MY DEMONS, EULOGY and DARK DAYS. 8/10”


“Montreal brass metal act Fallstaf already has a unique take on metal to begin with, but throw in the fact that the band's trombone player is a masked hitman and you've got a recipe for some serious metal mayhem.”


“tracks like “The Cost”, “Ten Years in Flames”, “Fuck the Fence” and “‘Violent as Violent Can Be” and “Not Welcome” are well produced,competent, chuggy, groove laden modern metal”


“Songs like “The Hounds” do a fantastic job of combining the trombone with the electric guitar, with each instrument working off and following the other....“Bastard Sons of a Pure Breed” has enough diversity so there’s never a dull or completely predictable moment, and the mesh of different styles broadens the music’s appeal to just about any metal head out there. The album is an interesting iteration of metal that adds something new to the standard sound.”


“The inclusion of Brass Winds into Metal might, on the first notion, seem an unlikely idea; probably because it is. But Montreal Metalheads Fallstaf manage to make it work...a worthwhile debut from Montreal’s latest Metal Band.”

Confront Magazine

“So check out this 'Brass Metal' band and get your own opinion, I think its great with bands that have the courage to try something new ! Songs that I personally like are the great hardcore song "The cost", the Slipknot inspired "Eulogy", the great acoustic ballad "My demons" and the aggresive last song "Violent As Violence Can Be". Welcome the age of Brass Metal !”


“Two things you would normally not associate with each other: metal music and trombones. Well, I don't think Fallstaf got that memo because that is exactly what they do. The CD is entitled "Bastard Sons of a Pure Breed" and, when the music starts, you hear something that sounds like a keyboard, but in the lower register. After a few cuts, I finally realized what I was hearing: a frickin' trombone in a heavy metal band! I played trombone in high school and it never sounded like this! That being said, as much fun as the trombone is on this album, it does not overshadow the fact that this is one kick-ass metal band. From the very first cut, this music is really something to behold. This band has all: killer music, outstanding storytelling ability and enough charisma to light up a large city. This is a rock solid music experience and it comes highly recommended.”


“Fallstaf are from Montreal, Canada, and are trying to forge a new genre of music called 'Brass Metal'... The question is: does it work? Sure it does. There's no attempt to hide the trombone in the background either, it comes at you right away during the intro to 'Dark Days.'... I love the way the trombone blends with the guitars too. Man, I'd love try this sometime.”


“Who said that having a brass section in your band is not Metal? In times were too many bands out there are sticking to a one-dimensional formula, Canadian Metal band Fallstaf are going against the grain! Make no mistake, their music doesn't just stand out because of having a trumpet mixed in with distorted guitar sounds and screaming vocals, the band possesses the knowledge of what it takes to write good music!”


“The album is as diverse as the slide on the Trombone. 11 tracks of fury mixed with a rhythm and vibe that you simply aren’t going to get anywhere else. By sticking to the traditional metal feel and aggressive voice of Ian you can listen to the trombone add depth to the tracks.”


“Brass metal. Ever heard of it? No? Get ready to. Fallstaf effortlessly blends heavy metal and the trombone into what is some of the most unexpected and most awesome metal you will hear. On "Bastard Sons of a Pure Breed" Fallstaf has one mission: To prove brass metal kicks ass! Mission accomplished.”

The Meltdown on Rock 97.7FM in Grande Prairie, Rock 97.9 in Fort McMurray, Roc

“Fallstaf is a unique set of gents that have created an ability with the use of not your average instrument the trombone and with that they have built a genre that takes heavy metal and infuses it with hardcore metal in turn sounding like “brass metal”. With this they have gone on to release an EP and even a full-length titled “Bastard Sons Of A Pure Breed”. All of this in the long run is a unique style of creativity that has been built behind the minds of metal drunkenness.”

““Prepare for a full-out thrash-death onslaught, as Montreal’s Fallstaf sets the metal bar high with their rampaging brand of trombone brutality. “Bastard Sons of a Pure Breed” will kick your ass!””

e.V.’s Underground – CKCU 93.1FM – Ottawa

“If you have not heard these guys yet you really need to check them out if for no other reason than just to find out what Pure Brass Metal really is. What you will find is a solid metal record with a (brutally brass) trombone thrown prominently into the mix. This is unlike anything I have heard but trust me it works and it works well.”


"HORN-ED BEASTS! Not Every band can claim to have forged their own genre, but that's exactly what local quartet Fallstaf (and their trombone) have done. Get your head around "brass metal" when they launch their album "Bastard Sons of a Pure Breed"."

Montreal Mirror

"Fallstaf describe themselves as "brass metal." It makes sense since they’re pretty heavy, with a ski-masked trombonist on top, just to fuck shit up. ..And don’t forget to check out their deliciously creepy video for The Cost. Groovy, sonic violence for ugly children."

Hour (Montreal)