Fall on Purpose / Press

“If you discovered P-Funk on the jam band circuit, you came early enough to watch opener Fall On Purpose — a musical commune that seemed intent on squeezing the entire Burning Man festival onto the Venue stage, Matthew Bistok the ring leader, writer and creator, led fall on purpose to a high energy show, churning out a quirky jam/drum circle/rap/funk/punk/jazz/rock melange ,and was Egged on by George Cinton to perform a encore featuring their awsome bassist Funky Funkarella who lit it up on stage.”

“Jannus Live hasn't forgotten local artists. Fall On Purpose will open for Rusted Root on April 24. Fall on Purpose is a multi-genre band from Saint Petersburg florida fronted by Actor / Entertainer Matthew Bistok ”

“The skies opened around 7:30 p.m. as Fall on Purpose were doing their all-hands-on-stage party music. The courtyard got pelted for a good hour (excuse me if I’m a little off; I didn’t check my watch). But here was the coolest thing: Hardly anybody left. Most folks sought shelter under the stage canopy or along the sides under whatever overhangs they could find (and made good use of the many bars available). The people on the balcony were fine. My favorite bunch were the ones who said rain-be-damned and didn’t run for cover, but instead just kept dancing ”

"It's heartbreaking," said Matthew Bistok, front man for the band Fall On Purpose, which also performed Sunday.

“Fall On Purpose's most recent double album, Fopadelic Deerland, is available on iTunes, and Bistok has produced a steady stream of YouTube videos to market the songs and get his name and face out there as an actor. How to describe their sound? Well, they regularly play with a beatboxer, trumpets, trombone, saxophones, a tuba player, many hand percussionist and latin percussionist, a violinist, keyboards, 2 guitarist, dj and more. They have a fun high energy sound that mixes multiple genres of music, and often have dancers plus other stage performers. They are the best band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”