Falling Through April / Press

“Falling Through April won over the unsuspecting audience just seconds into their opening track. A healthy mix of pop sensibility and sing-a-long melodies, Falling Through April stalked the stage with youthful abandon and a super-charged energy sorely missing from many of today’s newcomers. The band is sure to breakout in the coming months and it was a pleasure to be so taken aback by these “unknowns”.”

“Falling Through April will undoubtedly scream up the charts with the release of Risks & Rewards”

“Insanely rich harmonies”

“Falling Through April deliver a straight up bad ass set!”

“With their songs steadily picking up traction across the nation and their unique sound being all but denied you can bet to see these guys in a venue near you and soon!”

“It is refreshing to see a band forge ahead with their own unique sound and not follow the cookie cutter bands that seemed to perfectly fit into a genre or subgenre checkbox. Everyone seemed to have found their new favorite band on that stage.”

“With Word-working guitar solos, interesting arrangements, and metal-like double-bass drums, the band can call upon its Rolodex of aural moments to get it out of any jam. In an era where niche is king, their niche may not have one.”

"I can't compare them to anyone, which is good. A lot of influence from different styles. Lead singer has good stage presence. I like the band interaction. Good Harmonies. *Would kill at Warped Tour"

DZL - 106.5 The End

“There’s no telling where this band will end up, but one thing is for sure: they are on their way to becoming one memorable indie band Charlotte has to offer”

“It's safe to say that Falling Through April is a band with a promising future and will be heard for years to come.”

“Their positive attitude and commitment to getting themselves out there is exactly what we like to see in bright young artists today. We think they make great role models… and great music of course!”

“Kind of a mellow guy's version of Paramore. Nice sound...Edgy guitars”

J.Powell Ogden - TheGuardiansPlaylist.com

“The band reminded us of a rock alternative band that you see rocking out at huge outdoor festivals. Wells’ vocals are flawless on delivering the lyrics, with power instruments backing him up. When listening to their music one of the things that appealed to us the most was their lyrics. It’s hard to describe Falling Through April, because at different points in the songs they make you think of so many of your favorite artists.”

“Great tight sound, good stage presence and some great songs. Put them on your lists and be grateful to hear some fantastic music!”